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Quiz House: how influencers from MaturaToBzdura expanded their business thanks to a mobile app

Emil Waszkowski
Case Study, Marketing
How to reach over million downloads of an application in 11 months, engage users, so they would create over 60% of product content and create a new form of cooperation between brands and influencers? Learn how MaturaToBzdura creators cleverly answered the requests of their viewers and created an additional way of monetising their channel.

What is blockchain and how can it change marketing?

Emil Waszkowski
Blockchain, Marketing
What technology prompted Mark Zuckerberg to launch a team assigned only to its exploration? What solves both ad fraud, distrust towards brands and the problem with personal data management? The answer to all above questions is Blockchain!

Why is it worth to start a trial project instead of conducting a RFP

Emil Waszkowski
While reading an Adweek article on choosing an advertising agency by performing trial projects instead of a traditional Request For Proposal I've noticed many similarities to how it's done in the IT industry. That is why I've decided to write an article about RFP's in IT and how to take a different approach when choosing a software house. Learn what can you gain and what risks can be avoided by following my advice.

Augmented Reality: current state, future and over 20 use cases

Emil Waszkowski
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is, along with Artificial Intelligence, a technology bound to influence business the most in the coming years. Involvement of major companies, including FAMGA, large amount of smartphones supporting AR and intensive work on new Augmented Reality devices — all those phenomenons indicate that this technology is soon to reach mass business adaptation phase, which will mean tangible commercial benefits.

22 Frequently Asked Questions About Software Development

Krzysztof Kozłowski
Project Management
Based on over ten years of experience and questions we receive from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We hope that it will help you better understand the issues related to software development. For your convenience, we have divided the questions into three categories: process, costs and experience.

Future Mind's Summary of 2017

Tomasz Woźniak
On the one hand, last year brought a lot of successes, on the other, many challenges which we had the opportunity to face. See what we've achieved over the last 12 months.
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