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Get the most of our experience and build better products

Tomasz Woźniak

Future Mind's Summary of 2017

On the one hand, last year brought a lot of successes, on the other, many challenges which we had the opportunity to face. See what we've achieved over the last 12 months.
Paweł Josiek

How To Build An IoT Product From Scratch

We are pleased to present the result of our cooperation with Connected Boat — the IoT boat fleet management & marine telematics start-up and platform. See how the entire product development process looks like — from an idea to a working product.
Emil Waszkowski

Summary of 2017 in Technology and Predictions for 2018

It's a difficult task to spot technologies that bring real value to business and distinguish it from fleeting fads. In this article we'll help you separate valuable information from the noise. We summarised 2017 in technology - the most important successes, failures, trends and challenges. We also made predictions for 2018.
Emil Waszkowski

11 Rules of Effective Cooperation in IT Projects

You’ve prepared a product specification, you’ve chosen a software house and signed a contract — it’s time to start the cooperation. Setting cooperative objectives, expectations and rules at the beginning of a project will ensure that the supplier’s team will essentially become a part of your organisation, which is especially important in remote cooperation.
Michał Skóra

How to become a better developer

You can find many online publications on improving as a developer. In fact, there are so many of them that it’s easy to think the subject has been sufficiently discussed. However, I would like to examine this issue from my point of view.
Paweł Josiek, Emil Waszkowski

Don't ask for an estimation! Budgeting Agile Projects

You start a pretty big IT project and you have to answer the questions coming from the board, investors and other stakeholders. One of which is undoubtedly: “How much will it cost?”. Assuming that you have a precise project specification in the form of a set of screens, flow and a technical description (API documentation, cases and user scenarios), the exact project evaluation may take a team several hours, or even days, and it doesn’t mean that they made a correct estimate. This is caused by the nature of IT projects, which are usually extremely complex and depend on many factors. Experienced IT managers agree on this — you need a budget, not an estimation.
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