Soon every company can offer FinTech services

Emil Waszkowski

9 min. read

Krzysztof Kozłowski

How Important is Testing for Your Product?

Have you ever been in a situation when a mobile app, website or other software you were using malfunctioned? If you live in a modern environment and are not completely cut off from technology I'm almost certain that you know what I'm on about.
8 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

6 Benefits of UX Audit for Your Product

You are not satisfied with how your product is performing? What's worse, you don't know the reasons This is when UX Audit comes in handy. Learn about user experience review, when to conduct it and what can you gain from it.
6 min. read
Paweł Josiek, Emil Waszkowski

Future Mind's Product Design Approach

What is the best approach to product design when we consider business goals? Based on our experience we were able to create 3 most common scenarios in which we help customers design proper solutions and smoothly advance to product development phase.
7 min. read
Tomasz Woźniak

Future Mind's Summary of The First Half of 2018

We’re excited of what we've achieved over the last 6 months, so we want to share with you our results and recognition from Clutch.
3 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

How influencers can expand business thanks to a mobile app

How to reach over million downloads of an application in 11 months, engage users, so they would create over 60% of product content and create a new form of cooperation between brands and influencers? Learn how MaturaToBzdura creators cleverly answered the requests of their viewers and created an additional way of monetising their channel.
5 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

What is blockchain and how can it change marketing?

What technology prompted Mark Zuckerberg to launch a team assigned only to its exploration? What solves both ad fraud, distrust towards brands and the problem with personal data management? The answer to all above questions is Blockchain!
16 min. read
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