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Emil Waszkowski, Tomasz Woźniak

How to Best Use Your Q4 Budget

We want to protect you from spending money on a fatuous product. That is why in this article we'll advise you on how to use your Q4 resources to gain advantage over your competition in the coming year.
Emil Waszkowski, Agata Wiewióra

Pros and Cons of React Native and Native Apps

Getting ready for mobile app development? You wonder what technology to choose and how this choice may affect your long-term strategy? This article will help you learn about the pros and cons of native mobile apps and those made using React Native. It will also help you decide which technology is right for employing in a given situation and how a bad choice can influence your company's future.
Emil Waszkowski

Digital Business Summer Recap by Future Mind

Probably not every one of you knows that we run a newsletter. This post is actually the newsletter that we sent to our subscribers last week. So, if you were not among them, enjoy!
Krzysztof Kozłowski

How Important is Testing for Your Product?

Have you ever been in a situation when a mobile app, website or other software you were using malfunctioned? If you live in a modern environment and are not completely cut off from technology (which is a safe bet, considering that you are most likely reading this article online and not a printout version delivered to you by post) I'm almost certain that you know what I'm on about.
Emil Waszkowski

6 Benefits of UX Audit for Your Product

You are not satisfied with how your product is performing? What's worse, you don't know the reasons This is when UX Audit comes in handy. Learn about user experience review, when to conduct it and what can you gain from it.
Paweł Josiek, Emil Waszkowski

Future Mind's Product Design Approach

What is the best approach to product design when we consider project phase, software goals and business reality (meaning limited time and resources)? Based on our 10-year experience in designing digital products we were able to create 3 most common scenarios in which we help customers design proper solutions and smoothly advance to product development phase.
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