More than software house We combine all the necessary competences
to create your product from A to Z

Our clients turn to us with ideas in different phases - from the early idea to refined goals and detailed strategy for their implementation.
We are able to engage in any stage of building the concept and to stimulate the process by using proven tools and analization.

Maciej Gierszewski Head of R&D

Understanding the business of our customers is an essential element of our work. Increasingly, we undertake to build entire channels or services where a particular technology is becoming a new way to reach consumers. In our portfolio you can find several products built by Future Mind entirely from scratch. These projects give us the greatest satisfaction.

Tomasz Woźniak CEO

Many times we have seen how important prototype is - especially as support tools for collecting and specifying requirements. Many of the original ideas evolve and may even change when we have the opportunity to look at the product from the end user's point of view. With the ability of interface testing, we can create better customized solutions, before the first line of code will be written.

Paweł Josiek Head of PM

At all stages of projects - from analysis, through design and consulting, to implementation and post-implementation support - we are focused on creating high-quality products that matches your business needs.
To achieve this, we base our project activities on proven management methodology - we combine an agile and a traditional approach to project management.

Jakub Synowiec Software Development Manager

Publishing applications does not mean the end of cooperation. We supervise our products also in the most important moment of their life cycle - when real users are beginning to use them.
We use analytical and reporting tools that constantly allow us to improve and to develop applications created for our Clients.

Michał Klimczak Head of Mobile