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Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
Digital Transformation Retail
Paweł Wasilewski
Values People
Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory M-commerce
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory UX research
Jakub Nawrocki
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CX analysis, customer journey mapping, and proof of concept for D-Marin

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Global marina network

with top facilities and services

16 marinas

in the Mediterranean and Gulf region

Operates in 6 countries

on 2 continents


Travel Yachting


After many years of expanding its international marina network, D-Marin realized the key to accelerated growth may lie in digitization.

The company hired us to take a deep dive into their current offering and, if the data confirmed our assumptions, lead it through an ambitious digital transformation process.

Before we would write the first line of code, we needed to understand D-Marin’s current offering and explore the needs of its customers and employees.

Our goal was to analyze the company’s interactions with stakeholders across all touch points to reach actionable insights for D-Marin’s future in the digital world.

CS - d-marin cx analysis Graphic Template


  • Analyze customer experience and communications across all touch points
  • Deliver actionable recommendations for improving existent online processes
  • Verify customer interest in a digitized marina solution
  • Work out the optimal development plan of the future B2C digital marina offering

Scope of work

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Digital Strategy

  • strategy workshop
  • Market analysis & benchmarking
  • product roadmap

Discovery & UX Research

  • in-depth interviews
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Strategy validation
  • Proof of concept
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Evaluating D-Marin’s customer experience meant analyzing every inch of its online and offline presence.

Our consultants set out to interact with the brand through every possible channel. We looked into D-Marin’s communications including all social media pages, website and print content, and e-mail marketing campaigns and notifications. We investigated the impact the company’s messaging had on its users and whether the communication strategy aligned with the brand and its business goals.

d-marin cx analysis

Subsequently, we analyzed the way existent users were interacting with D-Marin.

We started out by combining data from analytics tools with insights provided by the D-Marin team. Then, we researched real-life customer reviews and activity in marina-related social media groups as well as D-Marin’s own channels.

The information about the target group gathered in this process would later allow us to create proto personas and identify recommendations to improve their experience.

d-marin cx analysis-1

Before completing our evaluation, we knew we needed to take a walk – or sail – in users’ shoes.

Our consultants got firsthand experience of all the stages of a D-Marin booking. We performed cognitive walkthroughs across every step, from planning out a trip through researching the offer, confirming berth availability, paying, and finally reserving a spot.

We also got in touch with multiple marinas and attempted to get assistance with a variety of real-life scenarios. Our final conclusions were presented to the Client as a customer journey map.

d-marin cx analysis-2

The in-depth analysis of D-Marin’s customer experience allowed us to pinpoint numerous pain points and recommend improvements.

We managed to build a realistic user profile and understand how the company could serve its proto persona at a higher level.

Thanks to a holistic approach to customer experience, we were able to provide action points across multiple categories like marketing, communications, and user experience in

D-Marin’s channels.

d-marin cx analysis-3

We divided the recommendations into quick wins, medium term, and long term.

This allowed the Client to focus on the low=hanging fruit first but also ensured the more difficult but higher ROI initiatives wouldn’t miss out from the long-term product development roadmap.

Some of the most important issues we discovered were related to the marinas’

main revenue generator: booking berths. Multiple problems were making it harder

for prospective customers to turn into paying guests of D-Marin’s facilities:

  • Insufficiently actionable online communications
  • Lacking and hard-to-find information on crucial data like availability and pricing
  • Overly complicated and lengthy berth booking process
  • Complex pricing and no automated calculations to help the user
d-marin cx analysis Presentation modules 1920

Our initial analysis confirmed that a digital marina management platform would encourage new customers and loyalize existing ones.

Still, we realized that an investment in digital transformation needed to be rooted in data.

Before the Client would commit to this ambitious project at full scale, our consultants performed market research and analyzed the state of the industry. Then, we developed a proof of concept to validate customer interest in a digitalized marina solution.

d-marin cx analysis-4

Our engineers rolled out an MVP of a digital D-Marin system: an online form for booking marina berths.

As soon as it became available, the feature was very well received by

the company’s customers.

The number of users who preferred to use the sleek, overhauled booking system grew by the day, which gave the green light for further steps.

d-marin cx analysis-5

The Client quickly saw the enormous potential that The Digital could unleash in the marina industry.

The initial development plan we had discussed with D-Marin was now turning into

a full-fledged product roadmap, with all design decisions being rooted in our research.

The impressive success of the first, partial digital transformation of the B2C offering convinced the Client to decisively prioritize digitalization across the marinas’ operations

as well, and we would be there for D-Marin every step of the way.


Our CX evaluation helped
D-Marin take the plunge into digital transformation.

Throughout this robust Advisory project, we:

  • Evaluated D-Marin’s CX including UX research and mystery consumer research
  • Created a customer journey map of D-Marin’s customer experience
  • Provided numerous actionable recommendations for improving CX across existing online channels
  • Built and validated a proof of concept for a marina booking system
  • Created a product development roadmap


communications channels analyzed

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in-depth analytics reports

Vector (4)


immensely successful proof of concept

Vector (3)


CX recommendations

Vector (1)


steps of booking process scrutinized

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D-Marin cooperation story

Future Mind has joined forces with D-Marin to digitalize everything about the marina industry.

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izabela franke

Izabela Franke

Head of Advisory
izabela franke

Izabela Franke

Head of Advisory
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