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Web platform and mobile app for FleetConnect, innovative fleet management company

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Fleet management company

that helps businesses in industries like transportation and logistics

6 functionalities

for effective fleet management

Analytical approach

to location tracking, compliance monitoring, and more




FleetConnect reached out to us to create a cutting-edge platform and a mobile app that would streamline fleet management and support field employees.

The project aimed to bring a new and advanced approach to the sector by utilizing the latest technologies and data.

It would require integrating diverse software components, various layers of data presentation, and business intelligence analysis tools necessary to generate customized reports.

CS - fleet connect - Graphic Template


  • Design highly scalable architecture based on microservices
  • Develop robust security measures and efficient data queuing systems
  • Ensure reliability of the web panel and mobile app
  • Create an intuitive web data dashboard for effortless generation of custom reports

Scope of work

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Mobile Development

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS app

Web Development

  • Fleet Management Portal
  • Admin panel

IoT Development

  • IoT devices integration
  • data collectors

Cloud Services

  • Infrastructure Setup & Monitoring
CS_fleet connect

To reach our goals, we would need to re-engineer and implement a new aproach to fleet management.

Having analyzed FleetConnect's requirements and telematics, we created research-based specification. The FleetConnect team has profound technological expertise, highlighting the need for Future Mind to comprehend the project's business aspects. The Client's openness to our suggestions enabled a long-term collaboration built on trust.

fleet connect

The initial phase of the project involved creating in-depth documentation

that was further enhanced and revised during the implementation process. It included the following components:

  • High-level architecture, microservice, and infrastructure diagrams
  • Documents describing the functions and operations of individual system components
  • Server-side architecture, API specification, and communication layer specifications
  • Document structure in the MongoDB database

fleet connect-1

Based on our experience, we recommended microservice architecture

for easier service separation and efficient information flow. It was also a natural choice for FleetConnect, which now has 30 microservices. We also kept it in mind that it’s crucial to manage and collect data in a highly secure way, especially in IoT-related projects.

When designing the system architecture, it was our priority to ensure its robustness. To address data security and management issues, we opted for Distributed Streaming Platform Apache Kafka®, typically used for real-time data pipelines and streaming apps.

fleet connect-2

To maximize app performance across various devices, we opted for Node.js as the backend solution.

It’s an excellent choice for IoT products that rely on WebSockets, microservices, event queues, and real-time push capability.

Kafka, renowned for its scalability, speed, and fault-tolerance, proved to be an ideal match for FleetConnect. To effectively manage potential malfunctions and prevent server overload, we incorporated several mechanisms.

By utilizing Azure Insights monitoring, we were able to gradually handle the traffic queue without excessive data processing.

Our cooperation with FleetConnect resulted in the development of an innovative fleet management solution, an intuitive web panel, and a mobile app.

We developed a web panel for fleet management that empowers fleet managers to efficiently manage their fleet by accessing various vehicle information. It provides detailed trip data (both business and private), monitors driving styles (fuel consumption and speeding), tracks visits based on geofencing, displays accurate routes on a map, enables remote vehicle diagnostics, and more.

Additionally, we created a mobile app for drivers and fleet managers. It offers a range of functionalities. Users can access driving history, track visits, record refueling activities, and more. It allows for easy differentiation between business and private trips, and makes it possible to share location and estimated time of arrival.


Our digital products leverage technology to make fleet management truly data driven.

The modern fleet management solution we built for FleetConnect enabled the company to provide its users with a one-of-a-kind service that benefits both fleet managers and drivers.

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jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

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jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

Business Development Lead
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