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Powerful personalization and increased engagement for the 10 million users of żappka

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Largest convenience store network

in Central and Eastern Europe

9000+ stores

across Poland

~10 mln downloads

of B2C mobile app “żappka”

15.5 mln customers

across Poland

8000 franchisees

across Poland

50+ autonomous stores

across Europe


Convenience Retail


Żabka had already captured an enormous share of the Polish convenience market.

In a country of 38 million inhabitants, more than 10 million people had already downloaded its app and more than 4 million were active users.

The company was looking for opportunities to maximize the returns from its sizeable user base.

CS - zabka storyly Graphic Template


Żabka had already implemented some data analytics and personalization measures that we could see were bringing interesting results. The company had robust customer relationship management software and recommendation engines at its disposal.

Over the course of our collaboration with the Client, our experts realized that the Client’s app had the potential to perform even better.

We started looking for a solution that could slot right into żappka’s tech stack and take its business results to the next level without generating excessive costs.


As a convenience store network, Żabka sells thousands of different products to an extremely diversified consumer base. Upon analyzing the Client’s circumstances, our Solutions team established that further investment in personalization was likely to bring excellent results.

If Żabka could display appropriate products depending on a user’s preferences and past behaviors, it would increase engagement and serve customers with offers they would be more likely to purchase.

zabka storyly

After evaluating the available options, our consultants decided to recommend Storyly.

This lightweight solution presents content to users as Stories: full-screen images and short-form videos similar to those known from social media.

We realized Storyly could become remarkably powerful in conjunction with the Client’s existing technology stack. Fetching data from Żabka’s CRM, recommendations engines, and external sources would allow the solution to display visually attractive, engaging Stories to the most appropriate audience.

We presented a business case and performance estimates to Żabka, and the solution instantly caught its attention.


Future Mind x storyly-logo-dark

User engagement

Top user engagement platform

Stories in apps

Embeds interactive social media-style Stories in apps

Easy implementation

Easy implementation via SDK (Software Development Kit)

zabka storyly-1

Thanks to a ready-to-use SDK, the solution could be implemented into the żappka app in a matter of days,

with most features available right out of the box. Not long after we first connected the Client and the Vendor, Żabka decided to incorporate Stories into its application. Our engineers got to work and integrated the solution into żappka in as few as two days.

It quickly turned out that Storyly’s comprehensive feature package made it much more useful to the Client than native development of story-like content would have been.

The solution we recommended to Żabka comes with a survey module, which means users can respond to the Stories they’re displayed with positive or negative feedback. This makes Storyly more than a tool for displaying personalized content in Żabka’s ecosystem. It also provides user data to enable even better personalization in the future.

zabka storyly-2

Another important benefit is that Storyly comes with an easy-to-use Content Management System.

This allows marketing specialists to create and publish Stories without any coding knowledge.

Storyly also enables users to share the Stories they see to social media, which has a positive impact on engagement and virality of Żabka’s promos and competitions.

The implementation of Storyly turned out to be a major success for Żabka.

Stories are now an important part of the żappka app’s interface and have resulted in improvements to user engagement and satisfaction from the offers customers receive. Given that the integration only took two days, choosing to enrich the app with Storyly can definitely be seen as a quick win for Żabka’s in-app marketing.


Storyly took Żabka’s user engagement capabilities to another level at an impressively low cost.

Thanks to the implementation of Storyly, the żappka app now encourages users to make purchases by displaying relevant offers in an attractive full-screen story format.

  • In-app Stories implemented in two days

  • Increased user engagement and virality

  • Personalized offers displayed to all users

  • Easy content management for marketers
zabka coop story OG

Żabka cooperation story

Future Mind has accompanied Żabka on the path towards dominance in the CEE convenience store industry

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Paweł Wasilewski

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