PlatformSuperpharm platform Android/iOS
ScopeSuperpharm scope Product Design, Consulting, Mobile Development


Super-Pharm is a reputable multinational drugstore chain that operates 75 locations across major Polish cities. It is known for exemplary customer service and combining the features of a drugstore with a dermocosmetics offering.


The Client reached out to us because they had been planning to combine their offline loyalty program with e-commerce. They wanted to launch an m-commerce offering that would allow them to serve customers across multiple channels.



Our goal was to build a state-of-the-art m-commerce application that would include an online sales feature, which the Client’s customers had asked for, and would combine it with the existing loyalty program and offline features. This would be a first step towards building an omnichannel experience. We also needed to create an intuitive UX and revamp Super-Pharm’s existing web design into a modern, aesthetically pleasing mobile UI.




We initiated the project by working with the data that was already available in Super-Pharm’s databases. We also performed interviews with the Client’s customer service representatives and analyzed the competition, the available benchmarks, and the overall condition of the mobile application market.

We then organized a strategic workshop with the Client’s Product Manager, Board Members, and Sales and Marketing representatives. We presented the data we had gathered and our conclusions to make sure everyone was on the same page. Then, we proposed specific solutions for each touch point based on the Customer Journey.

Equipped with all the necessary knowledge, the Client’s representatives and our experts participated in a joint co-creation session. We selected and prioritized the features that would be included in Super-Pharm’s MVP. Then, we developed a high-level product development roadmap and a business case.


We proceeded to design the user experience as well as the visuals for the Super-Pharm application. We used the Client’s branding as our base, but we completely overhauled the look and feel of the existing Super-Pharm website. We ensured that the new design would be in line with the newest trends and the Client’s brand associations.

We performed an iterative UX design process where we constantly communicated with the Client’s Product Manager. Throughout the project, we kept challenging ourselves and the Client to build intuitive processes optimized for a mobile-first user experience.

We also developed a design system for the Super-Pharm brand. This allowed us to optimize the design phase and save costs for the Client. At the same time, it made it much easier to maintain consistently high quality across the entire project.

Usability tests

We conducted two rounds of tests: on a clickable prototype and a production-ready version of the application. This allowed us to gather additional information about user needs and reach insightful conclusions for planning out the product development roadmap. On top of that, it let us confirm the readiness of the MVP version and provided hints for the first rounds of post-MVP tweaks.


The development phase started as soon as we had created the happy path and designed the main user flows. It was an iterative process that took place concurrently with further design work. Our work was organized according to classic Scrum methodology.

While developing the application, we used the most modern available technological solutions, including Jetpack Compose for the Android version. The developers collaborated with a project manager, designers, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists in a full-stack environment. This allowed us to continuously receive feedback and respond to the Client’s priorities.


After a period of close collaboration with Super-Pharm’s key stakeholders, we designed and developed a robust MVP application for iOS and Android. Its look and feel as well as user experience have been appreciated by both Super-Pharm and their customers as intuitive, visually pleasing and consistent with the Client’s offering.

At launch, the app already boasted full e-commerce functionality as well as a loyalty program with additional loyalizing features. For example, at checkout, customers are dynamically shown the lower prices that would be available to them if they signed up for Super-Pharm’s loyalty account. Users are also encouraged to revisit their most purchased products.


We are now working on new features for Super-Pharm’s app according to the roadmap that we had created during the Discovery Phase and kept updating throughout the project. We are grateful for the Client’s continued trust, and we are looking forward to releasing new, further enhanced versions of the Super-Pharm application.

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