Service design

Our UX experts will guide you through the creation and implementation of a service-based platform, ensuring a viable and proven user experience.

Having launched and managed the development of multiple internal startups, which have gone on to successfully service millions of users, we have the firsthand experience to implement and run an effective service-oriented business. Backed with our intimate knowledge of the mobile and web industries, we can navigate you through the process, avoiding many of the common pitfalls, and tailoring your product to meet the needs of your customers.


At the outset, we will begin with a proven workshop process, which allows stakeholders to effectively identify all of the key functions and the designs that will accompany them. Our UX experts will then transfer identified functions to the interfaces of each platform, ensuring the viability of the visual assets and providing users with an authentic product experience.


Requirement analysis


Defining scope


User path


UX / Design

The prototypes produced via this process, allow us to properly examine the opinions and impressions of the initial users and test the interface before the first line of code is written. This not only allows us to obtain valuable user data, but also makes the process of prioritizing and verifying business goals that much more objective and impactful.

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