UX Audit

Identifying and solving design issues, thus improving the
business metrics of your digital product.

Improve your product based on
empirical data, not hunches.

Has your product been live for some time with plenty of data to examine? Do you want to uncover the potential bottlenecks of your product? Want to start re-designing your web or mobile app the right way?

Our UX Audit is designed to check how your product is performing in terms of usability and the user experience. A team of experts will examine and assess the app, providing you with recommendations on what needs improvement.

This is an ideal, cost-effective means of finding out how to boost conversion and retention, streamline onboarding, and identify and fix any other issues your mobile or web app may currently be experiencing.

UX Audit process

Exploratory Research

The aim of this phase is to learn more about your product, challenges, and business goals. We gather and analyze relevant materials, metrics, and user data, giving us a better understanding of your business, customers, and needs.

Deep Analysis

At this stage, we turn data into insights by leveraging Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytic tools. We also conduct market research to better understand the specific characteristics of your industry and identify competitive solutions.

Simultaneously, we perform a cognitive walkthrough of your product, experiencing your app from a customer’s perspective. This allows us to find any obstacles that your users are facing and spot missing opportunities to grow your product. Each problem and opportunity is prioritized based on the importance and your goals.

Actionable Recommendation

Finally, we turn those insights into recommendations for UX improvements, in the form of a UX Audit Report. The goal of which is to provide you with actionable solutions that address each identified problem and recommendations concerning the relevance and value proposition of your app.

Action Plan

Through an Action Plan, we outline recommended next steps and provide you with a roadmap for improvements that will allow your product to reach its full potential. This enables you to smoothly advance to the product redesign and development stages, continued on your own or something we would be happy to help you with.

Benefits of UX Audit

Find opportunities to increase conversions and ROI
Spot the usability elements that are causing user churn
Identify new opportunities to grow your revenue
Find ways to more effectively onboard new users
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