Future Mind's Summary of 2020

Tomasz Woźniak
Future Mind's Summary of 2020

The last quarter of each year tends to be highly intensive, but in 2020, Q4 exceeded our expectations. We began serious negotiations with numerous new Clients but also expanded some existing projects and made ambitious plans for their further development in 2021. January and February had us busy presenting offers to Clients, hence the delay in the publication of this summary, but now, here we are. We invite you to read about Future Mind's 2020.

Highlights of 2020

Like most companies, we started the year with enthusiasm that ground to a halt when COVID-19 was discovered in Europe. Fortunately, we were quick to reorganize the way we work and adapt to the new circumstances. We implemented a fully remote working environment to keep our employees and contractors safe, and we kept doing what we do best: equipping our clients with digital strategies and solutions.

We are especially proud of our wins at Mobile Trends Awards. At the MTA 2019 ceremony held in 2020, the Żappka app we helped develop won two prizes: Winner in the Commerce/M-commerce category and Third Place in the Main Category. Meanwhile, Hebe – the app that we developed throughout 2020 – won at Mobile Trends Awards 2020 in the Commerce category. Congratulations to the teams involved and to our Clients!

Despite the challenging global situation, we managed to end 2020 on a high note: we hit our year-over-year growth goal, and our revenue increased by 53.4% compared with 2019. Our revenue growth was larger than between 2019 and 2018 in spite of last year's turbulent events. We made no COVID-related layoffs and made numerous hires. We had 64 people on board at the end of 2020, although we are already up to 81 experts at the time of writing, with more getting ready to join us in the coming weeks. Despite this rapid expansion, we still have multiple vacancies. Browse our Career page to see them.

New Clients

We are incredibly pleased to have begun collaborating with new high-profile Clients such as:

Likewise, we are happy to continue supporting our long-time Clients:

New and growing business lines

2020 was an excellent year for Future Mind in terms of extending the range of services that we offer to our Clients.


Our new Solutions business line involves intensive collaboration with specialized tech companies. Our Partners' expertise involves areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Geofencing, and Computer Vision, as well as implementing top ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.

We decided to join forces with narrowly focused tech companies to equip our Clients with a broader selection of solutions that Future Mind experts can implement throughout any project. We are looking forward to further developing this new business line under the leadership of Paweł Wasilewski, our experienced Head of Partnerships, who strengthened the company with his arrival in November of 2020.

Meet some of our many Partners:

Digital transformation

For years, we have been observing the growing demand for digital transformation services. In response to the need in the market, we decided to introduce a business line based on supporting companies who want to modernize their internal operations or customer relationships.

In 2020, Future Mind expanded with a particular focus on consulting, design and analytics. We still build top-quality applications, but we also realize that a business needs more than just software to succeed in the digital economy. The Consulting business line is now growing the most dynamically in terms of revenue and headcount.

We are now up to 10 Strategy, CX, and Product Design Consultants from 3 in 2019, with more experts about to join us in the coming months. We have gained valuable experience working on projects such as the award-winning Hebe application, and we are now assisting multiple clients with services such as Customer Journey Maps, Digital Product Strategy, and Product Design. We are also increasingly offering consulting services in areas such as data analytics and growth strategy.

Plans for 2021

Our Consulting division has become increasingly important to the company as multiple Clients requested our experts' support in not only developing but also designing and scaling digital products. We are looking forward to this part of Future Mind, headed by Emil Waszkowski, generating a significant portion of this year's revenue.

In 2021, we plan to keep expanding competencies that will allow us to help businesses maintain and optimize their existing products, improving KPIs like retention rate, engagement, downloads, and e-commerce average order value.

We are also working on strengthening the relationships with our Partners and including a customer data platform and a cloud provider in our Solutions business line to bring more value to our Clients.

Another important event that we have planned for this year is the release of our new website, which will communicate the full scope of our services. We cannot wait to demonstrate how we can support our Clients and shape the future by building impactful digital products.

Final remarks

Although 2020 was a successful year for Future Mind, we realize that it was incredibly difficult for most individuals and businesses. We remain hopeful that with the vaccination efforts well underway, the situation will keep improving both at the local and global levels. We miss the pre-pandemic interactions with our Clients, and we are looking forward to the world going back to normal so that we can enjoy each other's presence without worries.

For now, we would like to wish our Clients, Partners, and Employees all the best for 2021. Please stay safe and take care of your health and mental well-being. In spite of everything, we are doing well and enjoying all our projects. We cannot wait to show the products that we are working on to the world.



Tomasz Woźniak

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