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Digital Advisory UX research
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Karol Szmaj
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Boat fleet management & marine telematics platform for ConnectedBoat

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CS connected boat Main banner


Fleet management innovator

with strong telematics background

Safety-minded brand

provides security to boat owners

Real-time boat state data provider

enables immediate response to potential threats via notifications


Yachting Telematics


ConnectedBoat, a boat fleet management & marine telematics startup, required a technology partner to build mobile apps and a web platform for tracking boat fleets.

The Client needed comprehensive support covering various aspects: mockups and graphics, progressing to mobile app development, web applications, and finally IoT.

CS - connected boat - Graphic Template


  • Help define business goals and key values
  • Prioritize software functions and build product roadmap
  • Develop server-side backend and IoT (tracking device)
  • Build web platform and mobile applications

Scope of work

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Mobile Development

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App

Discovery & UX Research

  • UX High Fidelity Design

Web Development

  • Fleet Management Portal
  • Admin panel

IoT Development

  • IoT devices integration & data collectors

Cloud Services

  • AWS Cloud setup & monitoring
CS_connected boat

Having defined business objectives and key values with the Client, we employed analytical methods

to effectively prioritize software functions. We used the MoSCoW technique, which involves categorizing software features into four distinct levels: Must, Should, Could, and Won't.

This systematic approach enabled us to allocate the appropriate attention and resources to each function based on its importance, and relevance to the project's overall success.

connected boat

We proceeded to create wireframes and product development specification.

After constructing the roadmap, our team took charge of multiple components including the server-side implementation, the IoT segment involving the tracking device, and the frontend development of both the web and mobile applications.

Download our e-book to learn more about ConnectedBoat and IoT solutions

Ultimately, we developed two applications:

connected boat Presentation modules 1924


We helped ConnectedBoat captivate the yachting industry with an innovative IoT application.

The company can now provide users with a constant connection with their yachts, monitoring key parameters and notifying of possible danger. Our solution keeps thousands of vessels safe and increases operational efficiency of fleet operators around the world.

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jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

Business Development Lead
jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

Business Development Lead
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