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Data audit for Kompania Piwowarska, leader of the Polish beer market

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Leading brewery

in Poland

Owner of popular beer brands

including Lech, Tyskie, Książęce, Żubr

Award-winning company

honored during the prestigious International Brewing & Cider Awards


Food & beverage


Kompania Piwowarska had been collecting user data for many years in a number of ways, especially through organizing online competitions.

However, much of their data was collected by various external agencies, making it challenging to obtain and draw conclusions.

Our goal was to make sure the Client would soon be able to take full advantage of the results of their investments in data collection efforts.

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  • Support the Client in reorganizing their data collection and management system
  • Consolidate and organize the collected data in a way that enables better analysis
  • Prepare the system for new policies optimized for the cookieless world
  • Ensure scalability and adaptability of the new system to accommodate future data privacy policy changes
  • Collaborate with various teams and stakeholders within Kompania Piwowarska
    to ensure a smooth transition to the new system
  • Complete the project within a set timeframe and budget while ensuring data security and privacy compliance

Scope of work

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Digital Strategy

  • strategic workshops
  • data audit
  • strategy definition
  • Feasibility analysis
CS_kompania piwowarska

Kompania Piwowarska collected lots of data but run into difficulties trying to orchestrate and organize it.

To make the task easier for the Client, we embarked on a mission to reorganize their data collection and management system and prepare it for new policies optimized for the cookieless world.

Our first step was to organize workshops for both key stakeholders and employees of the Client. We aimed to raise awareness about the crucial role of data in today's world and to explain the significance of first and third party data, cookies, the cookieless world, customer data platforms, data management platforms, and customer relationship management.

kompania piwowarska

Making use of our proprietary RIVA framework co-created with Laurens Coster, we planned a data audit.

To ensure the Client's organization gained a comprehensive understanding of the data, we invited specialists from various departments to the project.

Additionally, we assisted employees in reporting on the customer data and provided advisory services to prepare the company
for implementing a customer data platform.

Learn more about the RIVA framework here

kompania piwowarska-1

Thanks to our comprehensive audit, the Client could unleash the potential of data.

During our collaboration, we discussed potential use cases and ideas for leveraging data with the Client. We also explained the timeline for upcoming changes to third party cookies and examined reactions and strategies of Kompania Piwowarska’s competitors.

Additionally, we analyzed the growing consumer awareness regarding privacy concerns and explored the single customer view approach.

We also evaluated various data sources and identified
the ones that were compatible for integration with a customer data platform.


The collaboration with Future Mind enabled Kompania Piwowarska to reevaluate its data management and adopt a new, overhauled strategy.

  • Helped the Client to adopt a new data management strategy
  • Trained the Client on the importance of data and trend monitoring
  • Contributed to improving the company’s marketing budget efficiency
  • Enabled Kompania Piwowarska to personalize offerings and improve customer service

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izabela franke

Izabela Franke

Head of Advisory
izabela franke

Izabela Franke

Head of Advisory
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