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Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
Digital Transformation Retail
Paweł Wasilewski
Values People
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Digital Advisory M-commerce
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory UX research
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Award-winning żappka B2C application

zabka Logo black x Future Mind
CS-zabka-zappka-Main banner


Largest convenience store network

in Central and Eastern Europe

9000+ stores

across Poland

~10 mln downloads

of B2C mobile app “żappka”

15.5 mln customers

across Poland

8000 franchisees

across Poland

50+ autonomous stores

across Europe


Convenience Retail


As Żabka was coming to dominate Poland’s convenience retail landscape with thousands of stores across the country, the company realized a mobile app was the natural next step in its development.

Having recently completed another successful mobile app project for Żabka, we were asked to build this core element of the company’s “store of the future” concept: the B2C żappka application.

CS - zabka-zappka - Graphic Template


  • Develop an intuitive mobile app with highly personalized user experience
  • Integrate with multiple systems including a robust marketing automation engine
  • Ensure the app can handle the projected 700 mln of customer visits a year

Scope of work

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Mobile Development

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App

Web Development

  • node.js Development
  • Internal platform integration
  • External platform integration

Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud infrastructure setup

Product Maintenance

  • System monitoring
  • Service Level management
CS_zabka-zappka_Full width

Since the start, we knew żappka would be a highly complex product.

One of its main goals was to provide Żabka’s customers with engaging, personalized experiences by leveraging state-of-the-art data analytics and marketing automation.

Making this happen would require us to create a complex software architecture composed of numerous technologies, systems, and databases. To ensure smooth delivery of the final product, we launched the project by building a proof of concept.

Before we started the actual development of the żappka app, we recommended the optimal technology vendors and validated all our assumptions.


We then designed a functional solution for integrating Żabka’s systems with all the necessary providers and the marketing automation SDK.

This allowed us to minimize project risk and prevent possible complications.

After completing the proof of concept, we started the development phase to bring to life the designs created by Ueno, the design agency you may know for its rebranding of Uber and subsequently being acquired by Twitter.

Our engineers worked according to the Agile methodology, which allowed us to continuously react to business requirements and user feedback.


Before the final launch, the app was released as a closed beta and a pilot release to the app store.

This allowed us to perfect the implementation before the start of żappka’s TV and online marketing campaigns.

While the żappka app required integration with numerous systems to accomplish its ambitious goals, two solutions provided by our partners can be said to have brought exceptional value to the users since the start.

One of the main tenets behind żappka’s personalization is the Synerise platform that manages interactions in real time. To let the app take full advantage of this technology, we made sure most of its content could change dynamically, depending on the recommendations of the AI-based recommendation engine.


Despite the complexity of the system and the logic behind it, we managed to provide a seamless user experience.

We also integrated żappka with Infobip, an omnichannel communications platform that enables the Client to interact with users via SMS messages. Our partner's solution is also responsible for handling phone number verification when a customer first starts using the service.

Upon launch, the app ensured high engagement and satisfaction with features like:

  • Collecting points (“żappsy”) when shopping, which then can be exchanged for attractive rewards
  • Personalized offers and deals tailored to each customer and their specific circumstances thanks to an advanced AI-based system that can interpret data from different sources
  • App-only discounts
  • Geolocation that enables the display of all nearby stores, along with their opening times and services available


The żappka app was an instant success.

Since the initial launch, żappka has become much more:
a robust app ecosystem that supports users across different areas of everyday life with features like:

  • Autonomous Żabka Nano stores

  • Żappka Pay

  • Żappka Post

  • Coffee subscription

  • Internal currency transfers

  • Żabu game… and many more

over 10 million downloads

since launch

Vector (3)

4 million active users

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2019

Winner in the Commerce/M-commerce category

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2019

Third Place in the Main Category

zabka coop story OG

Żabka cooperation story

Future Mind has accompanied Żabka on the path towards dominance in the CEE convenience store industry

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michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
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