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Digital Advisory UX research
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Future Mind has supported LPP in becoming one of EMEA’s leaders in fashion m-commerce and retail innovation

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Leading apparel retailer in CEE

and largest player in Poland

Over 2200 stores

across three continents

Five major clothing brands

available in 39 countries

Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange

One of Poland’s TOP20 publicly traded companies

Over 41 mln online orders

completed annually


Fashion Retail

Cooperation overview



LPP has long been a major player in the Polish fashion retail industry, progressively working to speed up its international expansion.

Until 2017, it mostly focused on traditional channels – and these days, over 50% of the company’s e-commerce revenue comes from the mobile app. LPP’s main brands are now present on millions of smartphones. The company’s mobile apps delight even the most demanding fashionistas and form the core of an omnichannel customer experience.

An ambitious mobile strategy based on modular solutions has allowed LPP to maintain optimal cost efficiency while scaling the business even further. As it expands its digital offerings to markets across three continents, the Polish fashion empire is becoming increasingly global.


Our role

We have been there for LPP every step of the way throughout its mobile transformation. Future Mind entered the picture back when the company first decided to explore the opportunities of smartphone applications.

Our consultants supported LPP in preparing a decisive push into mobile. We analyzed the market, assessed industry benchmarks, and prepared a robust mobile strategy appropriate for an international organization with multiple brands and target groups.

We then designed and engineered a white-label software solution for several major brands that would serve as the foundation for LPP’s future applications. This included building design systems for the Client’s brands to optimize product development and ensure high aesthetic quality appropriate for a fashion leader.



  • How to deliver extraordinary omnichannel experiences to demanding customers?
  • How to capture user attention and stand out from the crowd in a saturated market?
  • How to leverage customer data to maximize revenue?
  • How to set trends and sustain a leading market position?

LPP has already become an example for other retailers to look up to, but its expansion continues – and we’re proud to be supporting the company in redefining fashion m-commerce.

Read more about how we have transformed mobile fashion retail with LPP below.

Cooperation story


Mobile transformation and m-commerce application for LPP’s Reserved brand

mobile development product design

We helped LPP form a strategy for its first steps in
m-commerce and built an app for the Reserved brand.


  • Data-driven m-commerce strategy
  • Customer journey maps, personas, and feature roadmap
  • Modular, white-label application for iOS and Android

Product development roadmap, UX research, and customer journey mapping for Reserved

digital strategy discovery & ux research

We supported LPP in creating a data-driven strategy
for further development of the Reserved app.


  • Mobile app development strategy
  • Conceptualizing new features
  • UX improvement recommendations


M-commerce application for LPP’s Sinsay brand

digital strategy discovery & ux research mobile development product design

We built Sinsay, an app that shook up Polish fashion
m-commerce and immediately noted incredible results.


  • Over 3.5 million downloads in 10 months
  • Best Mobile Application 2022
  • TOP10 shopping app on iOS and Android in Poland


Our collaboration allowed LPP to quickly start serving numerous markets with modern, well-performing, award-winning apps that adapt to local contexts.

The company’s goal, however, was to do more than just sell products through a new channel

– it was to take full advantage of The Digital.

To that end, Future Mind’s consultants supported the Client in launching Sinsay Club, an ambitious omnichannel loyalty program for its leading brand. Meanwhile, our Solutions division provided advisory services for implementing an innovative hyper-personalization platform that has taken the company’s revenue-generating capabilities to a whole new level. Throughout our relationship with LPP, we would frequently collaborate with the company’s IT branch, Silky Coders.

It took less than five years from our first conversation for LPP to go from having no mobile presence to becoming one of EMEA’s leaders in fashion m-commerce and retail innovation.

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jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

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