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Digital Advisory UX research
Jakub Nawrocki
News Retail Technology
Paweł Wasilewski
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Michał Klimczak
Digital Advisory M-commerce
Izabela Franke
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Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory E-commerce
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Mobile transformation and m-commerce application for LPP’s Reserved brand

Coop Logo x Future Mind
CS_ LPP reserved Main banner


Leading apparel retailer in CEE

and largest player in Poland

Over 2200 stores

across three continents

Five major clothing brands

available in 39 countries

Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange

One of Poland’s TOP20 publicly traded companies

Over 41 mln online orders

completed annually


Retail Fashion


LPP reached out to us for support in mobile transformation across all brands, starting with Reserved.

Our goal was to loyalize the brand’s customer base and connect offline stores with the e-commerce offering. We would accomplish this objective by building an omnichannel m-commerce application.

CS - LPP reserved Graphic Template


  • Support the Client in defining a mobile strategy for LPP brands
  • Develop a modular, scalable mobile solution
  • Plan a roadmap for further app development
  • Establish a close collaboration with LPP’s IT branch, Silky Coders

Scope of work

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Product Design

  • UX High Fidelity Design
  • Design System

Mobile Development

  • Native Android app
  • Native iOS app
  • White-label software development
CS_LPP reserved

We started out by advising the Client on the optimal strategy for launching an m-commerce solution.

We also discussed what features to introduce and what technologies to use to achieve our ambitious goal of creating a white-label app for multiple brands and markets.

Our first steps were to explore the market and examine the competition. We tracked the existing solutions and composed a detailed analysis of existing m-commerce applications in Poland and Europe with a special focus on customer loyalty programs. We verified their legitimacy and assisted LPP in formulating a data-based mobile strategy.

LPP reserved

Then, we performed in-depth interviews with potential users

to better understand their needs and preferences.
Our UX research resulted in:

  • Customer Journey Map
  • Verified actionable personas
LPP reserved-1

We conducted a technical analysis

and worked with the Client’s Silky Coders branch to design a system architecture appropriate for mobile applications. Ultimately, Future Mind’s white-label solution now allows the Client to launch subsequent apps easily and quickly thanks to the flexible, modular, and scalable architecture that we created.

While we were working on the technical elements of this phase, we created the UX and UI of the application. We designed the interface from scratch, but for consistent brand identity, we based our work on the existing website of Reserved – the first LPP brand to receive a dedicated application.

At the Client’s request, we based the m-commerce solution on Magento, as this e-commerce platform was already serving as the backbone of the Reserved website.

LPP reserved-2

To make sure the app would integrate seamlessly with the Client’s existing software,

we worked with Silky Coders, LPP’s backend team, all throughout the development process. Our QA specialists conducted rigorous tests both during the development and after the application was ready.

Before launch, the app underwent closed tests with a user group that we defined together with the Client. This allowed us to receive feedback for the product and perform a final verification.


The Reserved app was just the beginning of LPP’s ambitious mobile transformation.

Our collaboration on this project resulted in much more than one m-commerce application. It set us up to continue developing LPP’s mobile offering across multiple brands and countries.

  • In-depth analysis of the mobile fashion landscape in Europe
  • Data-driven m-commerce strategy centered around our software solution
  • Nominated in the “m-Commerce Development” category at Mobile Trends Awards 2022

LPP cooperation story

Future Mind has supported LPP in becoming one of EMEA’s leaders in fashion m-commerce and retail innovation.

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Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
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