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Growth Business Data
Michalina Leśniak
Digital Transformation Digital Advisory
Maciej Cieślukowski Emilia Adamek
People Values
Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
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Design System and Mobile App for Hebe

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Top health and beauty retailer

2nd most popular in Poland

300+ locations

across Poland

Part of Jerónimo Martins Group

traded on Portuguese stock exchange


Health and beauty


Hebe had already implemented an e-commerce platform but needed to enrich the online offering with a new high-end mobile product.

The company wanted to create an m-commerce app to connect all of Hebe’s touchpoints and leverage the fact that over 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices.

We joined forces with Hebe to lead the company through the entire mobile app creation process: from the concept and design phase to product launch, maintenance, and further development of additional functions.

CS - hebe app  Graphic Template


  • Connect all touchpoints and provide customers with an omnichannel experience
  • Design an intuitive, highly personalized user experience
  • Develop an m-commerce app to serve as the core of a new customer loyalty program
  • Help Hebe boost mobile conversion rates and engage customers

Scope of work

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Digital Strategy

  • Market analysis & benchmarking
  • Feature prioritization

Product Design

  • UX High Fidelity Design
  • Design system

Mobile Development

  • Native Android app
  • Native iOS app

Product Maintenance

  • System monitoring
  • Service Level management
CS_hebe app

Before designing the product, we performed an in-depth analysis of mobile technology trends and benchmark analysis.

The reports helped Hebe gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges they were facing. Our approach to design is always focused on user needs and business goals, so we set the project in motion with a Product Design Workshop to establish our goals and a project timeline for the application.

The main aim of the workshop was to determine the product functionality. We defined the necessary functions and prioritized them using the MoSCoW method. Then, we smoothly proceeded to the next step: mobile app design.

We designed the application using a data-driven approach focused on customer needs and behavior.

As the target group pays attention to aesthetics, we kept the importance of flawless UI design in mind throughout the entire process. We created both lo-fi mockups and hi-fi mockups during the design phase to check whether our decisions aligned with the Client's preferences.

We also put great care into ensuring a consistent experience across touchpoints. After the app’s initial launch, we built a design system with reusable components that made further design and frontend work faster and more cost effective.

hebe app-1

In projects that require the integration of multiple systems and platforms, the technical analysis stage is critical.

It allows Clients to plan the project implementation better, ensures that the solution will be optimal from the technical point of view, and reduces the organizational risk related to unforeseen problems.

Thus, we assigned our most experienced Software Architects and Business Analyst to the project. While the design phase was still ongoing, our experts created a technical specification, system architecture, and business specification.

The next step was to engineer the app: a cornerstone of Hebe’s omnichannel customer experience.

Thanks to the analysis we had conducted, we could base ourselves on detailed documentation. Before the development phase, we divided the scope from the analysis stage into two-week sprints according to the Scrum Methodology. It allowed us to keep expanding the product and respond to upcoming changes. Meanwhile, the Client could easily track the development progress on an ongoing basis. 

The app required integration with Salesforce Commerce, which powers Hebe's e-commerce website, and Selligent – a Marketing Automation provider supported by Laurens Coster, one of our business partners. 

Marketing Automation enables Hebe to create personalized content and push notifications to predefined customer segments. Moreover, the Client can now run campaigns that reach SMS channels and appear in the application, effectively reaching specific target groups.

hebe app Presentation modules 1924
hebe app-3

Great customer experience was one of Hebe's top priorities.

That’s why we used the shrive design mindset while designing the loyalty program from the ground up. We constructed it in a way that meets customer needs and rewards existing behavior but, at the same time, entices larger purchases.

We made it easy to re-purchase frequently bought items while also encouraging customers to try out new products, thus helping the Client to accomplish the goal of increasing sales.

As the public release of the app was growing near, our consultants swung into action to ensure everything would go smoothly.

Our experience in launching mobile applications allowed us to serve as Hebe's partner on many levels: we guided the company through the entire process from both a business and technical standpoint.

We advised our Client on the best approach to launch strategy and helped choose the appropriate methods to ensure high retention. We also planned a product roadmap consistent with Hebe's mobile app vision and their business goals.

The Hebe app is a favorite among Polish customers and drives revenue thanks to its smart design and numerous useful features:


Our app helped turn Hebe into a leading player in beauty m-commerce.

Since launch, Hebe has started an international expansion, bringing its e-commerce offering to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and announced plans to keep developing the company with an omnichannel strategy.



loyalty cards used by Hebe customers

Vector (3)

4.8 star rating

in App Store and Google Store

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2020

Main Prize in Commerce category

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2022

Win in the Accessibility category

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Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
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