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Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
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Award-winning m-commerce application for LPP’s Sinsay brand

sinsay_logo x Future Mind
CS_ LPP sinsay Main banner


Leading apparel retailer in CEE

and largest player in Poland

Over 2200 stores

across three continents

Five major clothing brands

available in 39 countries

Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange

One of Poland’s TOP20 publicly traded companies

Over 41 mln online orders

completed annually


Fashion Retail


Before initiating the project, we had already built a white-label software solution that met the Client’s general requirements.

However, as Sinsay is LPP’s fastest-growing brand and its main focus for future expansion, we needed to create an exceptionally innovative app that would satisfy diverse customer segments and go far beyond basic functionality.

CS - LPP sinsay  Graphic Template


  • Create a product that would set trends in fashion m-commerce
  • Develop a design system for an intuitive, friendly interface
  • Build a futureproof codebase ready for further feature releases
  • Implement a robust loyalty program and engagement features

Scope of work

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Digital Strategy

  • mobile strategy
  • product roadmap
  • loyalty program advisory

Discovery & UX Research

  • UX research
  • Usability tests

Product Design

  • UX High Fidelity Design
  • Design System

Mobile Development

  • native android app
  • native ios app
  • white-label software development
CS_LPP sinsay

Our goal for the app was to create a product that would set trends in fashion m-commerce.

We designed the user experience and interface from scratch, putting great emphasis on intuitiveness and ease of use. The application’s visual layer and information architecture were optimized for friendly, personal communication that would engage users and fit Sinsay’s tone of voice.

LPP sinsay

During the design process, we advised the Client on mobile strategy

and built a roadmap for future product enhancements. We also created a design system, which speed up application development, minimized costs, and streamlined communication between engineers and designers.

Thanks to our previous work on LPP’s Reserved app, we were able to perform the development phase for Sinsay with superior efficiency. The white-label software that we had already created served as the backbone for the new mobile application.

LPP sinsay-1

While programming the Sinsay app, we used the most modern solutions available

including Google’s Jetpack Compose toolkit for the Android version. We built a codebase that would stand the test of time and made sure to prepare the application for further feature releases.

We developed the app in an iterative process, constantly improving the software after receiving feedback from business and design experts as well as end-users.

After our developers completed the application’s 1.0 version, we performed usability tests with 200 possible customers and LPP employees. We gathered suggestions for improvements in the app itself as well as in the brand’s e-commerce offering.

LPP sinsay-2

We then used the feedback to advise the Client and optimize the application’s UX and UI

before it would be released to the general public. Ever since the app was first launched, we have been collaborating with LPP’s coding branch, Silky Coders, to enrich the software with new features.

One of the most important updates has been Sinsay Club: a robust loyalty program that allows Sinsay’s customers to collect points by making purchases and exchange points for coupons.

LPP sinsay Presentation modules 1920

Sinsay’s leading-edge m-commerce solution

has now been dispatched by LPP in numerous international markets. We equipped it with a smooth user experience as well as an ambitious, unique look and feel with entertaining animations.

On top of regular e-commerce functionalities, it also includes omnichannel features that combine the brand’s online presence with its offline offering. The app allows users to localize physical shops, scan labels for product information, and check product availability. The shopping cart is also synchronized across all devices, including the web platform.

LPP sinsay-3

The application has several loyalizing and revenue-increasing features

  • various types of conditionally applied discounts
  • intuitive social media sharing
  • Sinsay Club loyalty program
  • product availability notifications


The Sinsay app was an instant hit amongst Polish customers.

  • ~50% of e-commerce orders in Poland and ~30% in other markets are completed through the app
  • The app is available in multiple European markets
  • It achieved 3.5 million downloads in 10 months and 4.5 million downloads in a year
Vector (1)

> 4.5 million

downloads in a year

Vector (3)

4.8 star rating

in App Store

Vector (3)

4.9 star rating

in Google Play

Vector (1)

Best Mobile Application 2022

according to aBooster and AppsFlyer

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2022

Main prize and win in "m-Commerce" category

Vector (4)

TOP10 shopping application

on iOS and Android in Poland


LPP cooperation story

Future Mind has supported LPP in becoming one of EMEA’s leaders in fashion m-commerce and retail innovation.

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