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Web development

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Two most appreciated and widely used front-end frameworks: Angular and React.

Both perfect for developing a fast MVP or a prototype and for final solution.

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backend solutions

Developed with cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js or Python.

Wide experience with deploying distributed systems on cloud services (AWS, Azure) along with carefully monitored apps and infrastracture.​​​​​​​

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Key steps in the successful
web development process

In order to quickly introduce a new, functional web app on the market, we advise our clients to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By doing so, we can put it to the test and collect relevant data, which is valuable for further development.

Stage 1
Prepare for web development
Product design

Let's assume we proceed the product design in the previous steps and all necessary interface mockups are ready. If you need additional business analysis or help with UX / UI please check Product design.​​​​​​​

Don't forget about the technical specification.

The technical documentation and diagrams prepared by us facilitate communication, help to avoid misunderstandings, anticipate and overcome possible obstacles and make the development process smooth. You won’t receive any ‘almost finished’ product, nor a black box where the knowledge of its internal workings is hidden from you.

Dependency graphs, data-flow and network diagrams, along with the documentation (technical, API) allow to estimate the infrastructure costs at the initial stage and to indicate potential challenges. It improves and accelerates communication over individual steps and project modules.

​​​​​​​We also prepare a technical roadmap and a backlog describing all the products of each element and step of the system. You’ll get a Definition of Done, which is a reference point thanks to that both parties m

Stage 2
Development kickoff

We will prepare and propose a development, test, and production environments from scratch, depending on the possibilities, security requirements and your preferences. We are flexible and able to use cloud solutions as well as dedicated servers in order to give you full control and to optimize the maintenance cost.

Project control

We’re fully aware that having full control over the budget and implementation is a key to success in every project. That’s why we use tools that allow us to make sure that everything is under control. We work in Agile, which indicates flexibility, constant learning, and fast response towards changing business requirements and conditions. The tools we use for project management and communication, such as JIRA and Slack, facilitate transparency and progress tracking.

Quality ingredients

We provide solutions that work - as proof, we deliver unit and integration tests, which are an integral part of the product and confirm its quality. What is more, updated documentation shows the progress of the project, ensures everything is in order and helps developers to stay on track - everyone can preview the stage of work. It’s particularly useful when you need to scale up your team and new developers join in the middle of the project. We also care about the products' safety by sticking to the good practices associated with security and auditing each implemented solution for vulnerability.

Performance tests

Implementation of monitoring and reporting tools for the operations of system components is one of the key aspects ensuring the stability of our solutions. Thanks to that, if anything in the project goes wrong we know about it first.

To ensure that we are ready to accept the excessive traffic and the solution scales according to the arrangements, we conduct both load and stress tests that allow performing a simulation.

Launch and scale
Stage 3
Launch. What's next?
Maintenance and further development

After the launch, our team will assist with its further development. We’re able to simultaneously maintain a production system and expand it by adding new features and respond to the current needs of its users.

It’s crucial to maintain the reliability of the solution, that’s why we offer our support and maintenance services (SLA).

Technologies we use

Having a versatile team of developers able to work with various technology stacks, we’re able to respond to different challenges and very specific needs.


Advanced open-source framework, called ‘the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines’. Thanks to its versatility, reliability and scalability, Django suits any project, both web and mobile. Learning. Django is used by Spotify, Instagram, Mozilla, the Washington Post, and more well-known services.


We recommend it for developing dynamic single-page applications and data-intensive, real-time apps that run across distributed devices such as IoT apps, fintech solutions, streaming apps and instant messengers. Node.js has been chosen by Netflix, PayPal, NASA, Trello, LinkedIn and more companies.


Angular has a well-developed structure and we recommend it for rich and complex applications, for example, analytical dashboard and content management systems and asynchronous single-page apps. The Guardian, Forbes, and the PayPal checkout system have all been built in Angular.


React may be a perfect choice for startups and wherever they’re a need for developing a functioning app or a proof of concept relatively fast. We usually recommend React for web projects that require lots of flexibility, for example, marketplaces. Uber, Netflix, and Instagram have chosen it too.

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