Getting retail through COVID-19

Mikołaj Saik,
Emil Waszkowski

9 min. read

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Get the most of our experience and build better products

Michał Klimczak

Error Handling in mobile app development

Often, both in analyzing business requirements and in implementation, we give a lot of attention to making the success path usable and fully functional but lack love for error handling.
8 min. read
Karolina Antonowicz, Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk, Mikołaj Saik

What are mobile push notifications and what are the best practices for introducing them?

Mobile push notifications are becoming increasingly more popular and are starting to be considered as one of the more common communication channels, while being equally if not even more functional than the others.
10 min. read
Karolina Antonowicz, Mikołaj Saik

Indoor navigation and the best ways to implement

Everyone of us has probably experienced the situation of leaving a store with empty hands. According to the Retailtouchpoints, nearly 96% of shoppers leave a store without making a purchase at least once in their lifetime.
8 min. read
Mikołaj Saik

How KYC shapes data security in the world of mobile

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that trust towards mobile apps increases steadily. In the US alone, there are already more than 260 million smartphone users (of all 328 million citizens), and those who use mobile apps tend to have over 100 apps installed on their smartphones. In China, on the other hand, the number of citizens that actively use the most popular super app WeChat exceeds 983 million.
8 min. read
Mikołaj Saik

Use cases of computer vision in retail

Retail is changing rapidly in the time of a COVID-19 outbreak. Most of the markets observe that innovation adaptation during the crisis has accelerated a lot. According to McKinsey, organisations that can quickly reimagine their omnichannel approach to create a distinctive customer experience will recover much quicker after the pandemic. CX investments are the key to overcome the downturn without any major problems. Let’s see how CX leaders dealt with the crisis from 2008 in comparison to market followers:
7 min. read
Kamil Karczmarczyk

Apache Kafka - what is it used for?

Kafka has already seen large adoption at thousands of companies worldwide. We took a closer look at it to understand when and what Kafka is used for.
7 min. read
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