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Digital Advisory UX research
Maciej Cieślukowski
Customer Experience E-commerce
Jakub Nawrocki
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Karol Szmaj
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Web platform for GetHome, Poland's first comprehensive property marketplace

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Real estate marketplace

featuring offers from primary and secondary markets



90 000+

real estate listings for sale




GetHome approached us with a vision to create a pioneering real estate website.

The goal was to offer a seamless user experience throughout the entire buyer's journey: from the initial discovery of the platform to the selection of the most suitable property from a diverse range of listings, including houses and apartments available on both primary and secondary markets.

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  • Develop a website with React components and server-side rendering for optimized performance and indexing
  • Address the issue of duplicate listings and improve the Client’s credibility
  • Categorize offers efficiently for primary and secondary markets
  • Ensure proper rendering of HTML code

Scope of work

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Web Development

  • SSR React Web App

Cloud Services

  • AWS Cloud setup & monitoring
CS_get home

To bring the vision to life, the Client provided us with a comprehensive website prototype,

including a well-defined business concept, top-notch UX/UI design in the form of high-fidelity mockups, a style guide, and updated tech stack requirements that evolved throughout the project.

Google Search is one of the most effective channels for acquiring new users. Our Client, who has an in-house SEO team, was fully aware of that, which is why proper optimization of the whole website for search engines was the main requirement when developing it. We kept this in mind from the very beginning, assessing the impact that any changes and improvements might have on search results.

get home

We chose React.js for the frontend to meet the Client’s SEO needs and create an engaging user experience.

React.js emerged as the superior choice over alternatives like Angular. We built the portal with React components, which were already rendered to HTML on the server-side, and then sent to the client. Therefore, the client received ready HTML code that was static and could be properly interpreted by search bots.

This made sure the web portal is intuitive and easy to use - with a simple search and no duplicates. It also enabled us to build a dynamic interface that elevated users’ browsing journey.

get home-1

For the backend, we opted for Python along with the Django framework.

Python's agility in Rapid Application Development provided our developers with ample prototyping options, speeding up the development process.

Our selection of Python and Django not only met the Client's requirements but also ensured cost-effectiveness and smooth collaboration through common programming languages.


The cooperation with GetHome led to the creation of Poland's first comprehensive property marketplace that provides exceptional user experience.

  • Improved user experience thanks to precise locations and no duplicated offers
  • Elastic search for faster and more effective searches
  • Flexibility to easily add new features for future enhancements

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jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

Business Development Lead
jacek dogadalski

Jacek Dogadalski

Business Development Lead
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