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Boosting the revenue of all LPP brands with advanced hyper-personalization

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Leading apparel retailer in CEE

and largest player in Poland

Over 2200 stores

across three continents

Five major clothing brands

available in 39 countries

Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange

One of Poland’s TOP20 publicly traded companies

Over 41 mln online orders

completed annually


Retail Fashion


LPP was aiming to implement a data management solution, with an initial preference for a customer data platform.

As the company was exploring possible options, we set out to recommend the best course of action for its needs.

image 40


We had already collaborated with LPP for a long time and developed mobile applications for its two leading brands, so we understood the Client’s situation and potential. When the company reached out to us, we started researching appropriate data management systems.

However, we quickly realized that a typical customer data platform might not be the optimal solution for LPP. The returns on such an investment would only materialize many years down the line, while consuming IT resources in the meanwhile. Our Solutions department noticed the potential for a highly profitable pivot.


After crunching the numbers, our consultants suggested that LPP consider tools with defined business applications instead of undertaking a long-term project with unclear business goals.

We analyzed the possible options and decided to recommend Dynamic Yield: a data-driven hyper-personalization platform that would both deliver immediate results and facilitate introducing improved data management policies.


Future Mind x Dynamic_Yield_Logo-700x384 1
Dynamic_Yield_Logo-700x384 1

Hyper-personalization platform

State-of-the-art hyper-personalization platform

Optimized experiences

Provides personalized, optimized, and synchronized experiences

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Five-Time Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines

LPP hyperpersonalization

Dynamic Yield aggregates data from companies’ internal systems

and categorizes customers into extremely precise segments based on behavior and preferences. The solution makes it possible to serve users with highly personalized offers and communications, which improves customer satisfaction and increases purchase probability.

Shortly after we connected the two parties, LPP decided to put the solution to the test. Dynamic Yield promised to deliver results in a short period of time. Another important argument was that DY provided a remarkably intuitive interface. This made it possible for business specialists to manage the system without much support from IT experts.

LPP hyperpersonalization-1

The pilot implementation was successful, and LPP decided to sign a three-year-long contract with Dynamic Yield.

Throughout the two companies’ collaboration, Future Mind experts have been there to facilitate the process.

Our business analysts helped LPP understand what was possible to achieve with DY and how its apps’ frontend and backend layers would need to be adapted. Then, our software engineers integrated Dynamic Yield’s API with LPP’s Android and iOS applications

on the frontend.

LPP hyperpersonalization-2

Future Mind programmers continuously support LPP’s technical capabilities

by collaborating with the company’s IT division, Silky Coders.

Our responsibilities have included tracking the performance of Dynamic Yield-enabled marketing automation. Our product designers have also designed campaign visuals.

Initially, LPP only decided to implement Dynamic Yield for the company’s two main brands in Poland. By now, the technology is used by all five brands in all international markets that LPP sees as significant. The company has dedicated specific employees and entire teams to unleashing the tool’s full potential both in business and technology departments.


The additional revenue generated by implementing Dynamic Yield has doubled every quarter for 2 years.

At a business of LPP’s scale, this translates into a meaningful uptick in cash inflow.

Our Solutions department is still thoroughly involved in ensuring the collaboration continues smoothly, and we plan to support LPP in achieving even more impressive results.

  • Hyper-personalized offers for every user

  • Delivering results across all significant markets

  • Results have doubled every quarter for two years

  • Implemented for all five LPP brands


LPP cooperation story

Future Mind has supported LPP in becoming one of EMEA’s leaders in fashion m-commerce and retail innovation.

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Paweł Wasilewski

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