M-commerce app that provides an omnichannel and personalized experience for each customer.

PlatformHebe platform Android/iOS
ScopeHebe scope Product Design, Consulting, Mobile Development


Hebe is the second most popular drugstore in Poland. The brand belongs to the well-known international retail group Jerónimo Martins Group. Hebe prides itself on being the top provider of health and beauty products, including a wide range of natural, Korean, professional, and traditional cosmetics, as well as beauty accessories and a diverse makeup assortment. 

Continuous development has allowed Hebe to become one of the most prominent companies in the beauty industry. The company now runs over 260 stores in Poland – and does much more than selling high-quality products. Hebe adds extra value to its business by showing personal care to every customer and helping them to feel beautiful and unique. 



Hebe needed a trusted partner who would lead them through the entire mobile app creation process, from the concept and design phase to product launch, maintenance, and further development of additional functions. We not only took on the software development challenge but also supported the Hebe team in business and technical matters.  

The Client had already implemented an e-commerce platform in their business, but they needed to enrich it with a new high-end mobile product. Hebe wanted to create a new transactional mobile application in order to connect all of Hebe’s touchpoints and leverage the fact that over 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices.


The objective was to create a mobile app that would serve as a single key to the Hebe world, connect all of Hebe’s touchpoints, and provide an omnichannel experience. Another goal was for the app to increase online and offline sales and help Hebe to re-engage with customers.

We also wanted to create a product that would be not only functional but also visually appealing. We planned to develop an app that would fulfill consumers' aesthetic needs, allowing them to appreciate the beauty of Hebe's products and cultivating a desire to interact with the brand through the application.



The main challenges that we encountered included: 

  • Connecting all of Hebe’s touchpoints and providing customers with an omnichannel experience

  • Creating an application that would help Hebe boost its conversion rate but also have an intuitive user interface and offer the customers a highly personalized experience 

  • Developing a software solution that would serve as the centerpiece of a new customer loyalty program and allow the company to re-engage with customers

Keep reading to see how we handled those challenges.



Product Design

At the beginning of our collaboration, Hebe asked us to prepare an in-depth analysis of mobile technology trends as well as benchmark analysis. The reports helped the company gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges they were facing.

Our approach to design is always focused on user needs and business goals, so we set the project in motion with a Product Design Workshop to establish our goals and a project timeline for the application. The main aim of the workshop was to determine the product functionality. We defined the necessary functions and prioritized them using the MoSCoW method. With the defined priorities in mind, we smoothly proceeded to the next step: mobile app design.

We designed the application using a data-driven approach focused on customer needs and behavior. We also put great care into ensuring a consistent experience across touchpoints. As the target group pays attention to aesthetics, we kept the importance of flawless UI design in mind throughout the entire process. We created both lo-fi mockups and hi-fi mockups during the design phase to check whether our decisions aligned with the Client's preferences.  

Simultaneously, a Business Analyst created business and technical documentation. In projects that require the integration of multiple systems and platforms, the technical analysis stage is always critical. It allows Clients to plan the project implementation better, ensures that the solution will be optimal from the technical point of view, and reduces the organizational risk related to unforeseen problems. Thus, we assigned our most experienced Software Architects and Business Analyst to the project. The final steps were to prepare a technical specification, system architecture, and business specification.

After the Product Design and Pre-Development phase, we were fully ready to start the actual development.


Mobile App Development

After completing the Product Design phase, we began working on the app development process. We are proud to say that we created an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing mobile app that keeps users engaged and powers Hebe's omnichannel customer experience. The application required integration with Salesforce Commerce, which powers Hebe's e-commerce website, and Selligent – a Marketing Automation provider supported by Laurens Coster, one of our business partners. 

Marketing Automation enables Hebe to create personalized content and push notifications to predefined customer segments. Moreover, the Client can now run campaigns that reach SMS channels and appear in the application, effectively reaching specific target groups.

Two teams were involved in the project. They consisted of six developers, a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and two Product Designers. They created native apps for Android and iOS.

What did the process look like?

Thanks to the analysis we had conducted before the project, we could base ourselves on detailed documentation. Before the development phase, we divided the scope from the analysis stage into two-week sprints according to the Scrum Methodology. It allowed us to keep expanding the product and respond to upcoming changes. Meanwhile, the Client could easily track the development progress on an ongoing basis.  



Our experience in launching mobile applications allowed us to serve as Hebe's partner on many levels: we guided the company through the entire process from both a business and technical standpoint. We advised our Client on the best approach to launch strategy and helped choose the appropriate methods to ensure high retention. We also planned a product roadmap consistent with Hebe's mobile app vision and their business goals. 


Hebe did not want to subcontract the application development process; they were looking for a company that would serve as their partner. We created the product together, and the Client could count on our consultants at every stage of the project – which is why Hebe decided to cooperate with Future Mind. Our clients enjoy much more than high-quality mobile solutions – they are also continuously supported by our consultants in business and design.



After eight months of intensive work, we created a native m-commerce app that meets customers’ needs through ease-of-use, intuitive UI, and convenience. Thanks to the application, Hebe is now closer to its customers, which allows the company to meet its user's expectations and provide a personalized experience.

Main features:

  • Allows to re-engage with customers and is the heart of Hebe's customer loyalty program 

  • Simple and intuitive onboarding 

  • New built-in channel for one-on-one communication with the customers regarding offers, promotions, order status, in-store vouchers, and so on

  • Enables loyalty management connected with an individual’s account, vouchers, loyalty cards, and so on 

  • Simplified purchase process with features such as scan and add to cart. 

Great customer experience was one of Hebe's top priorities. That’s why we used the shrive design mindset while designing the loyalty program from the ground up. We designed it in a way that meets customer needs and rewards existing behavior but, at the same time, entices larger purchases. We made it easy to re-purchase frequently bought items while also encouraging customers to try out new products, thus helping the Client to accomplish their goal of increasing sales.

We started working in the second half of January, but in the meantime, the COVID-19 outbreak slightly changed the Client's needs, and our application now fulfills even more important functions than expected. We had to change some of our plans to increasingly enable remote shopping, as we know that our mobile product will play a more important role on the market.

We would like to express our appreciation for the trust Hebe placed in us. We are still enhancing the app to provide the best possible value for Hebe's users and stakeholders.

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