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Benefits of Internet of Things

IoT solutions provide new opportunities for every business. When bringing the offline world online with IoT applications, you collect more data, gain greater insights into your own operations, and eventually save time and money by augmenting those who are in charge of your assets. Apart from improving business processes, though, connected devices also have the power to boost customer loyalty by making people’s lives more convenient, safer, and healthier. This, in turn, increases your recurring revenue.

IoT applications in practice


In-store optimisation

monitoring traffic and analyzing customer behaviour in real-time

Warehouse automation

keeping an eye on the product inventory, which is driven by shopping demand

Real estate

Smart buildings

reducing maintenance costs and improving conditions for tenants

Workspace optimisation

understanding how workspace is being used to improve the comfort and productivity of employees


Vehicle health monitoring

controlling engine health and managing the vehicle performance at all times

Cost reduction

optimising fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs


Remote health monitoring

checking on patients around-the-clock

Medical equipment maintenance

controlling the condition and location of medical equipment


Manufacturing processes optimisation

improving product quality and reducing costs

Real-time insights for every machine

addressing challenges in quality and productivity within the factories

Financial services

Insights into client assets

understanding customer behaviour and preparing personalised offers

More accurate insurance estimates

calculating the insurance score or Usage Based Insurance much faster and more accurately

How can we help you unlock the potential of IoT?


IoT offers the potential for improving business efficiency, increasing profitability and reducing cost. While developing a dedicated IoT application, we always tailor it to the needs and requirements of your business.

Connected products
and services

Internet of Things drives business transformation through the launch of brand new products and the improvement of existing ones with IoT sensors. We help you tap into the ecosystem of connected devices with powerful IoT solutions.

IoT startups

Increasingly more startups are relying on IoT as one of their main technologies to launch new products and services. We are aware that IoT can be a transformative force for any business, regardless of its size.

The process of developing IoT
product from scratch

Proof of concept
Proof of Concept

Depending on your goals and the stage your IoT project is at, we start the cooperation differently and tailor all activities to your needs.

If the concept of your IoT solution has not been fully defined yet, we begin with identifying and prioritising the use cases that would add the most value to your company.

After performing the business analysis, we design a prototype in the form of clickable mockups to identify the core processes and test out the solution with its potential users.

During this phase, we also conduct a feasibility study (to validate the technical viability of the IoT solution in question), and create a prototype with carefully selected hardware components and defined communication with the backend system. Such an approach helps us demonstrate the value of IoT for your business, along with challenges that should be faced when applying it in practice.

Architectural design & specification

When it comes to complex IoT projects, creating appropriate documentation is important to streamline the development process, avoid misunderstandings and save money.

Knowing the requirements of your business, as well as the devices that are going to be used with the target solution, we design proper server-side architecture and API specification & mock (which is a communication layer specification that allows running a server, creating mobile applications and building websites at the same time).

While developing IoT solutions for our clients, we usually recommend using microservice architecture, which makes it easier to separate the services and create an efficient and consistent information flow between them. In the case of IoT products, secure data collection and management is crucial, which is why we also take it into account at this stage.

Before proceeding to the development phase, we decide upon the server environment and specify in which cases we are going to take advantage of cloud computing, and when of edge computing.


It’s time to split the backlog into sprints and start coding the server-side layer, API, as well as front layers (web panels, mobile apps).

When developing the IoT product for your business, we pay extra attention to security layers and ensuring the data credibility. In order to make that happen, we use private networks which connect to VPN tunnels, encrypt the data, and implement advanced solutions to prevent their loss.

While creating front layers, though, we focus on intuitiveness and transparent display of data that works best for the end users.

Of course, we don't forget about the tests, which give us a sense of control over the amount of the code generated.

Launch, maintain and scale

In order to quickly introduce a new, functional IoT product on the market, we advise our clients to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By doing so, we can put it to the test and collect relevant data from different users and devices, which is valuable for further development.

We also pay attention to monitoring and analytics, with the use of dedicated tools. They enable us to detect any possible failures automatically and provide insights on the efficiency & load on particular components, among others. This, in turn, makes it possible to introduce scaling mechanisms in advance.

After the launch, our team is available to help you to either grow your IoT product or build a dedicated, internal team while equipping it with the necessary knowledge and acting as advisors whenever needed.

Launch and scale
Our experts are here for you, every step of the way

Full-stack development expertise

We develop a wide variety of projects for clients operating in different markets and countries, which constantly broadens our experience and knowledge of many industries.

Scalable back-end

We choose the right technology stack for your project, design a back-end platform from the ground up, and focus on scalable solutions once we are at it.

Secure architecture

We know how important is security for your business, and we always keep that in mind when designing the architecture.

Intuitive user interface

We are experienced in developing intuitive, well-designed web and mobile interfaces that serve both business and individual users.

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