Future Mind joins Pangea as a top 7% technology company

Agnieszka Twardosz
Future Mind joins Pangea as a top 7% technology company

We’re proud to announce that Future Mind is now a part of Pangea – a curated platform composed of the top 7% of software and technology companies. Keep reading to find out more about the verification process that we went through and our hopes for the future with Pangea!

Commitment to transparency

We decided to join Pangea because we realized that we could achieve even more by becoming a part of their so-called “universe of healthy software development companies”. Passing Pangea’s comprehensive verification process was not quick or easy, but we decided to go the extra mile to prove our commitment to both current and prospective Clients.

We are proud of our capabilities, processes, and the company culture that we have built – and we believe that a high level of transparency is something we owe to both our Clients and ourselves, as it serves to remind our employees of the values that we all share.

The verification process at Pangea was quite lengthy and encompassed diverse areas of our company’s operations, expertise, and culture. Supplying all the necessary documentation and information took us a while, as we are usually busy with working on our Clients’ projects.

However, we realized that the time investment would be worth it. Our Client Relationships Manager oversaw the Pangea verification process from our side: she coordinated our employees whenever their cooperation was needed and made sure that we met the deadline. 

We ended up providing a wide range of information on our business strategy, the technologies that we use, the way we recruit new staff members, and the health & happiness measures of our current employees.

Our key findings

The process was an invaluable opportunity for us to slow down and examine the way Future Mind has developed over the years. It served as a mirror where both decision-makers and employees could see their reflections and determine their level of satisfaction with our procedures.

It was also a good occasion to reorganize some in-house documentation that we had to share with Pangea as well as confirm the validity of our internal procedures. We were also happy to exhibit some HR statistics that make us proud: our employees’ average seniority stands at 5.8 years, our overall retention rate is 88%, our team health evaluation is 8.6/10, and our Clients rate us as 9.3/10.

We have been regularly measuring our employees’ well-being since long before we decided to join Pangea, so seeing that they’re satisfied at Future Mind came to no surprise. Still, it was pleasant to see yet another confirmation of the fact that our continuous efforts at maintaining an energetic yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere are bringing great results.

Finally, while we were creating the content necessary for the Pangea verification process, we were able to display our commitment to positioning Future Mind as more than a software house.

With the dynamic development of our Consulting Division, composed of UX and Product Design branches, we are now concentrating on providing digital advisory services to our clients on top of quality applications that we still produce.

See what our CEO, Tomasz Woźniak, had to say about our admission into the association of market-leading software teams at Pangea:

“I couldn’t wait for Future Mind to be granted entry into this prestigious organization, and I am extremely happy that we have finally made it happen. Joining Pangea is a statement of how much we value radical transparency in everything that we do as a company – for our Clients and for our staff members alike.

The admission into the top 7% of tech companies feels rewarding for everyone who’s been part of the Future Mind project, and it motivates us to keep delivering outstanding value to our Clients and supporting their business and technological endeavors”.

Future Mind as a digital advisory

As proud Pangea members, we will now devote ourselves with renewed enthusiasm to developing Future Mind as a technology consulting venture. Having proven that we are a top 7% software company, we are now excited to keep working on innovative projects and supporting our Clients in their mobile transformation efforts.

Due to our strong ambitions in UX, Product Design, Analytics, and Software Development, Future Mind is undergoing rapid growth. More experts in their respective fields join us every month. We have also recently opened our third office in the city of Poznań.

The influx of staff members that we have experienced is a challenge, as it means we have to dedicate even more time to fostering our company culture between new employees. 

However, their presence is also a precious source of fresh ideas and perspectives. The increase in headcount allows us to take on more projects and support our Clients with a wider variety of services.

We hope that joining Pangea will allow us to form even more meaningful relationships with Clients, business partners, and IT professionals – and that the platform will make it easier for prospective employees and stakeholders to get to know Future Mind inside out, for who we really are.



Agnieszka Twardosz

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