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Digital Advisory UX research
Maciej Cieślukowski
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Store management and data analytics mobile application for Żabka’s franchisees

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Largest convenience store network

in Central and Eastern Europe

9000+ stores

across Poland

~10 mln downloads

of B2C mobile app “żappka”

15.5 mln customers

across Poland

8000 franchisees

across Poland

50+ autonomous stores

across Europe


Convenience Retail


At a pivotal point in the chain’s development, Żabka wanted to equip its franchisees with the right digital tools to facilitate store management.

We had already performed a Design Sprint workshop with the stakeholders and built a prototype based on their insights.

Now, it was time to deliver a full-fledged store management application. 

CS - zabka-frappka-dev


  • Develop store management application for Android and iOS
  • Build backend infrastructure capable of processing hundreds of millions of receipts every month
  • Implement intuitive visualization of real-time sales data

Scope of work

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Mobile Development

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App

Web Development

  • node.js Development
  • Internal platform integration
  • External platform integration

Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud infrastructure setup

Product Maintenance

  • System monitoring
  • Service Level management
CS_zabka-frappka-dev_Full width

We had already designed the application and tested a clickable prototype with future users,

so we started the development process with a full understanding of the results we needed to achieve.

We set out to build the entire software infrastructure necessary to deliver a mobile app for both iOS and Android, complete with the backend, data layers, and integrations.


We knew the app would need to process enormous amounts of data,

so we decided to develop the backend in Node.js, a technology known for its exceptional performance when it comes to processing large amounts of data in real-time.

It turned out to be a great decision, as shortly after launch Frappka was already handing 70 million receipts every month.

On the frontend, we implemented an elegant solution for processing and aggregating the data to visualize it in an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing manner.


Thanks to Frappka, franchisees got to access and analyze all sales information

by time period (real-time, hour, day or month), product, category, or product availability in a given store.

They could also simulate their future income based on real data and have constant access to ongoing payment information.

The Frappka app was the starting point for Żabka’s ambitious digital transformation journey that we are proud to have supported over the years.


Frappka allowed Żabka’s franchisees to gain sales insights with features like:

  • Supported the Client in choosing the right features based on business requirements and user needs
  • Validated the clickable mock-up with Żabka’s franchisees
  • Built a working prototype that allowed the subsequent mobile app development phase to proceed quickly and with minimal risk
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Mobile Trends Awards 2018

Main Prize

Vector (1)

Mobile Trends Awards 2018

Special Prize for enterprise mobile application

zabka coop story OG

Żabka cooperation story

Future Mind has accompanied Żabka on the path towards dominance in the CEE convenience store industry

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michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
michal klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Head of Mobile
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