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Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
Digital Transformation Retail
Paweł Wasilewski
Values People
Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory M-commerce
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory UX research
Jakub Nawrocki
News Retail Technology
Paweł Wasilewski
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Żappka Pay, modern fintech solution for the żappka superapp

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Largest convenience store network

in Central and Eastern Europe

9000+ stores

across Poland

~10 mln downloads

of B2C mobile app “żappka”

15.5 mln customers

across Poland

8000 franchisees

across Poland

50+ autonomous stores

across Europe


Convenience Retail


After a remarkably successful launch, the żappka app quickly gained the appreciation of Polish users. More than 3 million people were already using it to take advantage of personalized promotions and discounts, collect points, and exchange them for rewards.

Żabka realized that introducing a proprietary payment system could benefit both the company and its customers. Żappka Pay would make it much more convenient to identify users and apply discounts and rewards to their accounts upon purchase.

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  • Build fast and secure in-app fintech solution for żappka
  • Enable applying personalized discounts and collecting loyalty points at the same time
  • Integrate multiple systems with the backend and fintech infrastructure

Scope of work

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Mobile Development

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App

Web Development

  • Python Development
  • Internal platform integration
  • External platform integration

Cloud Services

  • Azure Cloud infrastructure setup

Product Maintenance

  • System monitoring
  • Service Level management
CS_zabka-zappka-pay_Full width

We started the project by performing an in-depth technical analysis.

We knew that building Żappka Pay would require us to integrate multiple complex systems: the payment provider (First Data), Żabka’s POS system, and the mobile app itself.

After gaining a sufficient understanding of their interdependencies, we designed the key element that now combines all these systems: Payment Gateway & API.


Planning everything at an early stage allowed us to mitigate project risk and ensure smooth delivery.

Only after complete technical analysis did we proceed with the actual backend development.

We chose to build it in Django. The framework is not only popular but also universal and proves to be a good choice whenever an integration of multiple systems is involved.

In this case, the main purpose of Payment Gateway is to support the activities revolving around tokenizing cards and authorizing users based on the PIN code or biometrics.


We also ensured the safety of the whole process,

leveraging best practices and solutions that impede so-called man-in-the-middle attacks during communication with the device. Specifically for Żappka Pay, First Data Polska made it possible to:

  • Protect sensitive data of card owners by communicating with the app solely through tokens
  • Ensure tokenization and detokenization of all cards added to the app’s wallet
  • Execute strong user authentication when adding cards to the app thanks to 3D Secure technology
  • Settle transactions and transfer the funds to the merchant’s account

To make the solution readily available to żappka users, we also created a brand new module in the mobile app.

While developing the UI, we focused on ensuring seamless user experience and ultimate reliability.

We achieved that by implementing a range of innovative solutions that enable features like:

  • Several methods to add payment cards: by scanning the card, “reading” its data with the use of NFC, adding the card during shopping after giving consent, or manually
  • Fast and secure payment for any purchase in Żabka stores (with personalized deals and loyalty points applied in the process)
  • PIN code, biometrics or face authentication
  • Payment card management: users can add multiple cards, edit their details, and erase them as they please


żappka users can now pay via a reliable in-app fintech solution.

Żappka Pay not only enables fast and secure in-store payments, but also offers a range of benefits to the business:

  • Increasing the “usability” of the loyalty program and making it easier to exchange loyalty points for rewards
  • Accelerating in-store customer service for żappka users
  • Serving as an important building block for other Żabka services that leverage transactions
zabka coop story OG

Żabka cooperation story

Future Mind has accompanied Żabka on the path towards dominance in the CEE convenience store industry

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izabela franke

Izabela Franke

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izabela franke

Izabela Franke

Head of Advisory
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