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SkyCash is one of the most popular mobile apps in Poland, used by over 2.5 million users who make over 1.5 million transactions monthly. The app is free of charge and can be connected to a credit card and other popular payment methods, making mobile payments as secure as offered by the banks. SkyCash makes it easy to pay for various services that generally require different payment methods, such as train tickets, parking fees, cinema tickets, mobile recharging, and many more. Although it’s the app that is the core of SkyCash functionality, there was also a need for a comprehensive website that presents the platform. Future Mind designed and developed it from scratch, having performed various tasks in the analysis, design and development phases.


SkyCash needed a website that is intuitive and easy to use, that presents the app’s numerous functions clearly and answers frequently asked questions. Besides, the goal was to encourage users to download the app.

Backend / UX & Design / Web


Analysis Phase
We have started by analyzing the needs and all the relevant data provided by SkyCash. Several meetings preceded the process as it was important that decision-makers and stakeholders had an opportunity to provide valuable details based on their experience.

The next step was to prioritize the needs and ideas and to create architecture information, navigation and a site map. Then we moved on to build low-fi and high-fi mock-ups that allowed us to test all the assumptions before the production and to be ready for the development phase. The high-fi mock-ups resembled the final product as much as possible; that’s why there were no surprises during the product development phase.

Product development Phase
Our task was to create a fully functional website, including the front-end and the back-end. That’s why it was crucial to choose the right technology stack that will contribute to the product’s success. After analyzing all the needs and based on our vast experience, we have chosen Django for the back-end and CMS and React as a front-end technology.

Back-end and CMS
Although Django is considered a framework of the first choice by the majority of web developers, it was an informed and well-thought-out decision to make it a back-end technology for SkyCash. Thanks to its one of the best out-of-the-box security systems, Django is highly secure and therefore suitable for financial platforms.

For the front-end, on the other hand, we have chosen React, which is flexible and allows for creating a fully-functional website relatively fast. React is also famous for being suitable for different e-commerce services, which made it an excellent fit to present numerous features and services offered by SkyCash.



Our cooperation with SkyCash resulted in designing and developing a comprehensive website. Now, users can easily browse over 20 mobile functionalities of SkyCash, including:

  • Buying the train and other public transport tickets,
  • Buying cinema tickets,
  • Paying parking fees,
  • Online mobile recharge,
  • Making different types of transfers,
  • Buying car and parking insurance.

Users can also easily find the answers to the frequently asked questions and get to know the product better. It wouldn’t be possible without an in-depth analysis of the needs of SkyCash users, creating intuitive designs and choosing the right technology stack.

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