Getting retail through COVID-19

Mikołaj Saik,
Emil Waszkowski

9 min. read

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Get the most of our experience and build better products

Emil Waszkowski

What is a code review and how to perform one?

If you’ve been struggling with poor app performance, you might want to consider outsourcing code review. Here’s what the code review process is all about.
7 min. read
Tomasz Woźniak

The launch of Solutions: New business line by Future Mind

At Future Mind, we're launching a brand new business line: Solutions. We're honoured to present the first batch of our Partners, who are making it possible.
2 min. read
Wojciech Rozwadowski

Pros & Cons of Flutter Mobile Development

Different technologies have emerged to enable cross-platform applications. What is Flutter mobile development all about, and what are its pros & cons?
6 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

Insurtech: technology trends shaping the insurance

Technology is playing an increasingly important role at every stage of the insurance value chain. More and more insurance companies have started building ecosystems, IoT solutions, big data or mobile applications to provide more value to consumers and to develop business.
13 min. read
Mikołaj Saik

Mobile application guide for the insurance industry

Modern customers are already using their mobile devices to research insurance products. There’s much more into the use of mobile in the industry, though.
13 min. read
Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk

The Value of Customer Journey Mapping Explained

Customer journey mapping is one of the tools that can help you create that single source of truth about your customers, which has multiple advantages for your business.
8 min. read
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