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Emil Waszkowski

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Tomasz Woźniak

Future Mind's Summary of 2020

The last quarter of each year tends to be highly intensive, but in 2020, Q4 exceeded our expectations. We began serious negotiations with numerous new Clients but also expanded some existing projects and made ambitious plans for their further development in 2021.
4 min. read
Agnieszka Twardosz

Customer Data Security in Retail

Retail businesses increasingly realize that they need customer data, but handling that data comes at a price – companies need to keep it safe and ensure customers’ privacy or risk a major crisis.
11 min. read
Agnieszka Twardosz

Why a Mobile Website Won't Cut It – Investing in Mobile pt. 2

Mobile website or app? Upon reading the title, you may think that you already know the answer, but as with most things in life – it's a bit more complicated than just going with one or the other.
13 min. read
Agnieszka Twardosz

Mobile Is Dead — Long Live Mobile! Investing in Mobile pt. 1

Mobile is everywhere, but at the same time, it's not really "a thing" anymore. Which is exactly why you'd be wise to invest in it. Does it sound like we've lost our minds? It might, but keep reading!
6 min. read
Michał Klimczak

Handling Kotlin Multiplatform Coroutines in Swift — Koru

Suspend your Apple with Koru. There are some solutions that allow you to handle concurrency in Obj-C and Swift, but they require lots of manual work. How to get rid of it? Well, what sexier way to do it than codegen?
7 min. read
Agnieszka Twardosz

Optimizing Last-Mile Deliveries in the New Normal

As the e-commerce share of total retail keeps growing, so does the demand for delivery services. See how companies can deal with this challenge and what technologies they can use to optimize last-mile deliveries.
12 min. read
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