A Tough Year Lies Ahead of the Retail Industry

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Design in the Age of the Machine Revolution

What does chess have to do with design? When and how will machines replace designers? And what is Elon Musk's role in all of this? Get a cup of coffee and read on if you find any of these questions intriguing.
12 min. read
Michał Klimczak

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Interfaces in Mobile Dev

Kotlin and Swift may have introduced a lot of functional magic to the game, but being natural successors to Java and Obj-C, they have strong OOP foundations. Inheritance is still a fundamental concept and interfaces / protocols play an important role in a mobile developer's toolset.
6 min. read

Designing Digital Products on the Basis of Right Decisions

Too much freedom at the design stage is a trap that is easy to fall into when you're disconnected from the business and technical layers. Every product is an interconnected system supported by an infrastructure that dictates what is feasible within a specific project iteration.
5 min. read

Future Mind’s Partnerships: Ecosystem of Verified Vendors

Learn how our vast ecosystem of verified Partners works to your advantage as we collaborate to enhance your company’s position in the digital space.
4 min. read
Agnieszka Twardosz

Future Mind joins Pangea as a top 7% technology company

We’re proud to announce that Future Mind is now a part of Pangea – a curated platform composed of the top 7% of software and technology companies.
4 min. read
Tomasz Woźniak

Future Mind's Summary of 2020

The last quarter of each year tends to be highly intensive, but in 2020, Q4 exceeded our expectations. We began serious negotiations with numerous new Clients but also expanded some existing projects and made ambitious plans for their further development in 2021.
4 min. read
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