Future Mind in the Financial Times 1000 ranking

Emil Waszkowski
Future Mind in the Financial Times 1000 ranking

At Future Mind, we don’t slow down. After being featured among the fastest-growing companies in Poland by Forbes, we’ve made it to the annual Financial Times 1000 ranking with prominent European companies.

Together with Statista, Financial Times compiled a list of companies in Europe that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018. These past few years have definitely been busy for us - we’ve worked with nearly 100 clients and grown by more than 212%. We’re happy that our efforts and results were yet again noticed.   

As per usual, the FT 1000 ranking was created through a complex procedure. Through research in company databases and other public sources, Statista identified tens of thousands of companies in Europe as potential candidates for the FT 1000 ranking, and invited them to participate in the competition. Additionally, all eligible companies could register via dedicated websites. 

In order to be included in the list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, though, participants had to meet the following criteria: 

  • Revenue of at least €100,000 generated in 2015 (or currency value equivalent according to the average of the actual fiscal year),

  • Revenue of at least €1.5 million generated in 2018 (or currency value equivalent),

  • Being independent (meaning that the company was not a subsidiary or branch office of any kind),

  • The revenue growth between 2015 and 2018 was primarily organic (“internally” stimulated, in other words), 

  • If a company is listed on a stock exchange, its share price has not fallen 50% or more since 2018.

As a result, the FT 1000 listed dynamically growing European companies from more than 30 countries and different industry verticals. We’re honoured to be featured among them.  

Being featured in the Financial Times 1000 list, especially right after Forbes Diamonds 2020, means a great deal for us. We’ve reached many milestones these past few years, and we’re happy that the achievements of our team have not only been recognised by our clients, but also prestigious rankings. It’s definitely not the last of our accomplishments this year - Tomasz Woźniak, CEO, Future Mind. 



Emil Waszkowski

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