Future Mind among the prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2020

Emil Waszkowski
Future Mind among the prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2020

Every year, Forbes magazine together with Bisnode Polska analysts prepare a ranking of the most dynamically growing companies in Poland. We’re pleased to announce that Future Mind has made it to the list of Forbes Diamonds 2020. 

The Forbes Diamonds list doesn’t only reflect the condition of the Polish economy but, even more importantly - allows outlining the future of business. The ranking is recognised by the awarded companies, but also serves as proof of credibility for their business partners - Paweł Zielewski, Editor in Chief, Forbes

Companies from the prestigious Forbes Diamonds group were evaluated based on the Swiss method of company value assessment, which combines the net asset and income analysis in order to minimise the shortcomings of both methods. This means that employee know-how and potential are taken into account, along with the sensitivity to seasonal and trade fluctuations. 

On top of that, key criteria included financial results for the years 2014-2018, the value of assets, payment history, payment credibility, as well as lack of negative legal events. The companies were then divided into 16 voivodeships, and, within each of them, into another three categories according to the level of revenue: 5-50 million PLN, 50-250 million PLN, and over 250 million PLN.

Future Mind ranked 18 in the Masovian Voivodeship, and made it to the top 100 in its category (companies with the level of revenue between 5-50 million PLN) in the whole country. 

Finding ourselves among the Forbes Diamonds has been the crowning achievement of our consistently executed strategy and the efforts of a competent, committed team. Despite our strong market position, we’re still developing our services, especially in the field of digital transformation - Tomasz Woźniak, CEO, Future Mind. 

We’re honoured to be listed among the most prominent Polish companies with the highest annual average value growth within the last three years. Congratulations to all the Forbes Diamonds of 2020!



Emil Waszkowski

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