Future Mind's Summary of 2017

Tomasz Woźniak
Future Mind's Summary of 2017

On the one hand, last year brought a lot of successes, on the other, many challenges which we had the opportunity to face.

Wondering what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months?

We started the year with relocation to a new 400-square metre office located at Puławska 182. Its location perfectly suits our needs. Most of the people we talked to during the recruitment process pointed out the employer's location as one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a future workplace (speaking of which, we would like to recommend justjoin.it, where job offers are marked on a map, making a location-based selection extremely simple).

In the first quarter, we decided to completely change our website and announced this joyful news to the world. Future Mind is no longer a mobile-software-only company. We are now a real full-stack software house.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve expanded our business activities to IoT and Service Design.

This is neither a coincidence nor are these just buzzwords aimed at attracting new customers. This is a result of implementing projects utilising these technologies, which we’ve been doing since 2016. Last year has confirmed our belief that our skills in designing products and mastery of the Internet of Things technologies have grown, which in turn resulted in further projects being completed.

Finally, we’ve managed to launch our blog along with the newsletter as part of our constantly growing content marketing activities. We do not intend to let go, we want to continue sharing knowledge and inspiration.

For over 10 years Future Mind has been focusing on providing services to customers from Poland. In 2017 we've decided to change it. We are pleased to announce that 42% of our income during the last 12 months came from non-Polish customers. Our revenue has increased by nearly 40% and employment level grew by 25%.

New Clients and projects on board

Many well-known brands joined the ranks of our customers. In 2017 we have started working on over new 40 projects for various companies, to mention just a few:

What’s next — goals for 2018

Our 2017 achievements gave us even more energy to focus on delivering more impressive solutions to our clients during this year and beyond. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and continue to expand our business. In 2018 Future Mind will develop a great deal of big projects and continue growing in terms of revenue and employment.

Our goals for 2018:

  • increasing our presence in foreign markets followed by international revenue growth by up to 60%,
  • starting new sales activities that will challenge our development team to reach their full potential!
  • growing our company blog and improving content marketing activities,
  • developing our Product Design team.

Buckle up, there’s a lot more to come!
We’re happy to build solutions that help grow your business. If you need any help or want to ask something, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tomasz Woźniak,



Tomasz Woźniak

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