Articles about Mobile Development

Mikołaj Saik

10 enterprise mobile app ideas that will grow your business

Mobile apps can easily add value to your company and contribute to its growth. Here are 10 examples of how enterprises can use them to their advantage.
12 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

Guide to Successful Mobile Strategy

The times when mobile was just one of the communication channels are over. Nowadays, more than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, while we all spend almost 3,5 hours a day on average using our phones. See how you can use this potential.
10 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

How to write an effective mobile app RFP

From our experience, designing an app and witing a brief together with a tech partner, is much better - especially in the case of your first mobile product. Here's how to write a mobile app RFL properly.
8 min. read
Emil Waszkowski, Agata Wiewióra

Pros and Cons of React Native and Native Apps

Getting ready for mobile app development? You wonder what technology to choose and how this choice may affect your long-term strategy? This article will help you learn about the pros and cons of native mobile apps and those made using React Native. It will also help you decide which technology is right for employing in a given situation and how a bad choice can influence your company's future.
7 min. read
Krzysztof Kozłowski

How Important is Testing for Your Product?

Have you ever been in a situation when a mobile app, website or other software you were using malfunctioned? If you live in a modern environment and are not completely cut off from technology I'm almost certain that you know what I'm on about.
8 min. read
Michał Skóra

How to become a better developer

You can find many online publications on improving as a developer. In fact, there are so many of them that it’s easy to think the subject has been sufficiently discussed. However, I would like to examine this issue from my point of view.
5 min. read
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