Getting retail through COVID-19

Mikołaj Saik,
Emil Waszkowski

9 min. read

Michał Klimczak

RxJava Schedulers Cheat Sheet

Rx programming is hard. It’s hard at the beginning and then it gets even harder. In Future Mind we have begun our journey with RxJava more than two years ago and even now we learn new things every day. I’ve seen many developers having difficulties with fully grasping relatively simple problems concerning reactive programming. One of those problems is proper reactive task scheduling.
3 min. read
Andrzej Puczyk

Here's a Quick Way to Read NFC Tags Using CoreNFC

Wireless exchange of information between an iPhone and any other connected devices using NFC tags is finally here. There are multiple use cases for 3rd-party apps, but what’s it all about? Let us show you where to start you NFC adventure.
4 min. read
Emil Waszkowski

10 Things To Do Before Developing a Mobile App

You’ve been thinking about a mobile app that addresses market needs? Want to build the product, but there’s one thing that stops you: you have no idea how to change the concept into a functional app. Read on to learn the essentials before you ask a software house for help.
10 min. read
Paweł Josiek, Emil Waszkowski

Fixed Price vs Time & Materials

Do you think about building a reliable product at a smallest risk possible and on a reasonable budget? Wondering if it’s even possible? In this article, you will find the answer on how to achieve this goal.
9 min. read
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