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Growth Business Data
Michalina Leśniak
Digital Transformation Digital Advisory
Maciej Cieślukowski Emilia Adamek
People Values
Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
Digital Transformation Retail
Paweł Wasilewski
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Marina management system, the core of innovative D-Marin’s digital marina ecosystem

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Global marina network

with top facilities and services

16 marinas

in the Mediterranean and Gulf region

Operates in 6 countries

on 2 continents


Travel Yachting


The advisory project we had undertaken for D-Marin resulted in an unquestionable conclusion: the key to growth lay in digital transformation.

The Client knew that before it could provide digital services to customers, its operations needed to be translated into a back office solution. Our initial objective on the backend was thus to build an MVP solution for berth and booking management to enable the development of a customer-facing portal and mobile application.

However, as our specialists continued working with D-Marin and discovering the complexity of its everyday operations, we quickly realized the potential of our Client’s digital transformation.

The goal became to digitize more than the booking process. We would take D-Marin’s entire operations into the digital era and use technology to eliminate all unnecessary manual processes.

CS d-marin marina management system Graphic Template


  • Envision the right approach for digitalizing everyday marina operations
  • Develop multidimensional algorithms for dynamic price calculations
  • Implement an interconnected marina management system
  • Build scalable, flexible architecture for integrating multiple software solutions

Scope of work

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Digital Strategy

  • Business process analysis

Product Design

  • Design system

Implementation Specs & Plan

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Software architecture

Web Development

  • Angular development
  • Node.js development
  • Internal platform integration
  • External platform integration
CS_d-marin marina management system_Full width

As our proof of concept was increasing in popularity among D-Marin’s guests, we got started with technical design of the future software solution.

D-Marin already had a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with specific data models in place. This meant we had to analyze the existing data architecture to ensure our future design would correspond with the Client’s patterns.

d-marin marina management system

An elaborate preparation phase was needed to prepare the marinas for integration with the platform.

Our software solution would be closely interwoven with the complex operational environment of D-Marin’s physical locations: sprawling marinas alongside the Mediterreanan coast and in the Gulf region.

Our experts worked closely with Client representatives to gain a profound understanding of all business processes. We prepared detailed instructions for the information D-Marin employees needed to gather on the ground and supported the Client in making sure the execution went smoothly.

d-marin marina management system-1

All that with a single goal in mind: to create a truthful digital representation of the physical premises and their current condition.

The challenge included measuring and locating thousands of unmarked perimeters of space within marinas’ sea territory and feeding the data into our system so D-Marin guests could manage their berth bookings as easily as is the case with hotel rooms or airline seats. Our product designers studied D-Marin’s existing branding standards to create matching designs for both customer-facing and employee-facing sides of the platform.

As the marina management system would consist of multiple applications, and further digital products were already on the roadmap, we decided to save time and resources by building a design system. This set of visual components accompanied by code snippets can be easily implemented across all the apps as well as used to speed up the introduction of any new features.

To take D-Marin’s operational efficiency to the next level, we needed to automate the offer generation process.

We developed multidimensional algorithms for dynamic price calculations, marina berth availability search, and real-time berth occupancy display. The modules we created feed responses not only within the platform itself but also to D-Marin’s CRM, giving them additional utility across the organization.

Ultimately, we designed and built a robust backend that forms the base of the entire marina management platform. Our software interconnects all internal modules and external systems such as D-Marin’s customer management, payment, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Using Microsoft’s Azure Service Bus, we managed to integrate all systems as producers and consumers placed within an asynchronous queue. We used the same tool to design the software architecture in a way that will facilitate adding new integrations in the future.

d-marin marina management system-2

On the frontend, our engineers developed all applications with the responsive web design approach and mobile devices in mind.

The visuals made by our designers were transformed into ready-to-use, appropriately styled components. This meant the basis of the design system for all the upcoming D-Marin projects was complete.

We integrated the system with Google Maps, thus making it possible to visualize all marina-related data in a precise, intuitive way, overlay on a detailed map of each marina

This feature allows employees to manage vessel placement by simply dragging and dropping boats between berth locations. It also ensures the constant availability of real-time visualization of the entire marina’s occupancy.

Throughout the project, we built a complete marina management system with backend architecture for three separate but interconnected applications:


The marina management platform has streamlined D-Marin operations by digitizing the inner workings of its locations.

It also made way for subsequent projects that would make lives easier for the Client’s customers and employees. We are constantly working on expanding the system, rolling it out in more locations, and automating even more aspects of the marina network. The most immediate results of this project were:

  • Reduced cost-intensiveness of operations

  • Automation of a large part of D-Marin’s employees’ work

  • Digital transformation of the marina network
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D-Marin cooperation story

Future Mind has joined forces with D-Marin to digitalize everything about the marina industry.

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