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Digital Advisory Customer Experience Technology
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
Jakub Nawrocki
Digital Transformation Retail
Paweł Wasilewski
Values People
Tomek Jurek
Digital Advisory M-commerce
Izabela Franke
Digital Advisory UX research
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Customer portal and mobile app for D-Marin

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Global marina network

with top facilities and services

16 marinas

in the Mediterranean and Gulf region

Operates in 6 countries

on 2 continents


Travel Yachting


After our first marina booking prototype proved to be a resounding success, D-Marin was sure it was the right choice to continue on the path towards a full digital transformation.

The next step would be to build a set of software solutions necessary to serve D-Marin guests on the device of their choice.

Our goal was to build web platforms for one-time and registered users as well as full-fledged Android and iOS applications with unique mobile features, integrating all three products with the constantly growing D-Marin ecosystem.

CS - d-marin customer portal  Graphic Template


  • Build interconnected web platforms and mobile apps for D-Marin guests
  • Enable customers to independently set up and manage marina stays
  • Facilitate digital transformation by providing easy-to-use B2C solutions
  • Integrate web and mobile solutions with existing backend and IoT systems

Scope of work

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Product Design

  • design system

Mobile Development

  • Native Android app
  • Native iOS app

Web development

  • Responsive design
  • Angular development
CS_d-marin customer portal_Full width

We started digitalizing the D-Marin experience by expanding on our existing marina booking prototype.

Our first goal was to build a web platform that would enable D-Marin visitors to make individual bookings. We used Angular to develop a simple, responsive portal that requests the basic information necessary to assign a berth to a customer’s boat. After providing the data, the user can choose their preferred birth from a list or pick one on a map that includes interest points like restaurants. Depending on availability, the system suggests upsells like access to electricity and collects information about user preferences in case the chosen berth happens to be unavailable upon arrival. The booking is finalized by a payment, with various local methods integrated into the system.

d-marin customer portal

The online booking system was a crucial first step, but our next goal was to build a comprehensive customer portal for regular guests.

To maximize convenience, we needed to enable users to register accounts with D-Marin so they could place and manage bookings without repeatedly providing the same information. Our designers had already started building a design system for D-Marin while working on the company’s back office application, so the current project only required them to build additional components according to the already established rules. Using a design system not only made this part of the process extremely fast, but also facilitated the frontend development and testing phases that came afterwards.

d-marin customer portal-1

As soon as the customer portal MVP was ready, we started working on a mobile version for Android and iOS.

We adapted the design components for mobile and built the two applications in native technologies (Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI). We integrated them with the web platform and the marina management system on the backend. The solution we built has provided D-Marin guests with the capacity to control their marina experience on the device of their choice.

The new D-Marin experience includes features like:

d-marin customer portal-2

D-Marin’s B2C platform makes life more convenient for both marina guests and employees.

In the past, visitors had to request employees’ assistance multiple times throughout each stay, including at check-in and check-out. This resulted in less-than-perfect experiences, especially on busy summer days with long lines to the front office. Thanks to D-Marin’s digital transformation, guests can deal with most issues from the convenience of their boats and focus on enjoying their stays in the marina. Meanwhile, employees have more time to support visitors who require special assistance.

d-marin customer portal-3

As we kept developing the D-Marin app, the new features took sailors’ relationships with their boats to a whole new level.

We integrated our mobile software with Sense4Boat IoT sensors that D-Marin’s most loyal customers receive and place on their boats. D-Marin app users can now receive alerts about the current state of their boat, no matter where they are.

In case of especially alarming sensor readings, marina staff is notified so field employees can be dispatched to deal with the situation. Click here to read more about StarFlow, the enterprise app that facilitates and optimizes the everyday work of D-Marin’s field employees.

d-marin customer portal 117

Vessel safety is ensured by:

d-marin customer portal-4

Thanks to the integration with Smart Pedestals, the app also lets guests connect their vessels to energy and water with just a few taps.

In the past, getting access to electricity and running water required sailors to request assistance from a marina employee, which usually involved a long walk to the front desk for the boat owner and a long wait for the passengers.

With the D-Marin app, it’s enough to scan a QR code on a Smart Pedestal, choose your preferred utilities, and perform a quick online payment. The app will then show the guest which sockets are available and, after the boat has been plugged in, enable utility flow to be activated.

Click here to read more about how we partnered with Netizens to revolutionize the D-Marin experience with IoT Smart Pylons.


The customer portal and mobile app have empowered D-Marin guests to take charge of their experience.

As a crucial part of D-Marin’s new digital ecosystem, these solutions started generating impressive results long before their official launch, and are now redefining how sailing lovers spend their holidays across 15 dreamlike locations.

  • 800 000 EUR of revenue generated in the MVP’s first sailing season
  • 20% orders digitized in the MVP’s first sailing season

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D-Marin cooperation story

Future Mind has joined forces with D-Marin to digitalize everything about the marina industry.

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