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Digital Advisory CX Strategy Retail
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Digital Advisory M-commerce
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Digital Advisory UX research
Jakub Nawrocki
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StarFlow, enterprise mobile app for D-Marin’s field workers

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Global marina network

with top facilities and services

16 marinas

in the Mediterranean and Gulf region

Operates in 6 countries

on 2 continents




To become a truly digital company, D-Marin wanted to extend the benefits of technology to all stakeholders, including field workers who keep marinas operating and maintain Guests’ vessels.

The company planned to make their work easier by launching an enterprise mobile application, StarFlow.

Initially, Future Mind’s role was supposed to consist of integrating an external solution into our ecosystem of D-Marin services. However, as the vendor was failing to deliver results for many months, we took over the entire project.

CS - d-marin star flow Graphic Template


  • Build an enterprise mobile app, from scratch, in less than 4 months
  • Integrate the app with our marina management system
  • Integrate the app with IoT sensors that safeguard sailors’ vessels
  • Build intuitive software for non-advanced technology users

Scope of work

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Product Design

  • UX High Fidelity Design
  • Design system

Web Development

  • Node.js development
  • Internal platform integration
  • External platform integration

Mobile Development

  • Native Android app
CS_d-marin star flow_Full width

Taking over the project from a non-performing vendor meant an extremely tight deadline, but we were happy to accept the challenge.

As the application would be used by D-Marin’s field workers on devices provided by the company, we would build the software for one system of the Client’s choice: Android. We started the project by analyzing the business requirements and studying the everyday reality of marina employees.

Based on the typical tasks that managers assign to field workers, we performed an iterative process of constructing high-fidelity mockups, collaborating with D-Marin to fine-tune the app concept. Throughout the process, we took into account that many of our future users were not technologically advanced and would need an extremely simple interface in a local language version.

d-marin star flow

With the final UX design confirmed, we set out to develop the backend and frontend layers of the application.

Thanks to the design system we had built for D-Marin, the product design phase was over in a flash, and our frontend developers could deliver milestones much faster by using pre-made code snippets of the necessary visual components.

We engineered the application by using Native Android technologies on the frontend and Node.JS on the backend for easy integration with the remaining systems.

StarFlow allows marina management to easily assign various types of tasks to field workers.

d-marin star flow-1

Thanks to IoT sensors, the nearest field worker can be dispatched to deal with an emergency.

D-Marin’s long-term guests receive smoke, bilge, heat, and battery sensors to equip their boats with. Their readings can always be displayed by boat owners on their D-Marin mobile apps.

In case an emergency is detected, e.g. the vessel is at risk of sinking, front office employees are informed and StarFlow will soon ensure an field worker is promptly directed to mitigate the situation.

d-marin star flow-2

We are currently conducting R&D work about implementing AR (Augmented Reality) that will overlay on the marina.

Once the feature has been released, employees will see what vessel should be present in each berth on their phone screens. This will make their daily boat counting rounds even easier.

It will be enough to compare the reality with the AR overlay by pointing the camera to each berth instead of manually marking incorrect boat placement in the app.

Whenever the app is rolled out in a marina, our experts organize training workshops with D-Marin employees.

We work with the Client to ensure that employees know how to take full advantage of StarFlow.

Marina management is instructed how to assign tasks and control their completion within the system, while field workers learn how using the app will make their everyday responsibilities easier and quicker.


StarFlow has transformed the D-Marin experience for the field workers who ensure smooth everyday operations.

Thanks to StarFlow, even employees who do their work away from computer screens can take advantage of the company’s digital transformation.

  • Enhanced marina operations

  • Improved work conditions for field employees

  • Increased visibility of field work status

  • Real-time data on actual marina conditions
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D-Marin cooperation story

Future Mind has joined forces with D-Marin to digitalize everything about the marina industry.

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