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IoT software development for Arctan – the most efficient robotic click&collect solution for e-grocery on the market

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Retail Robotics is a leading business technology company that provides solutions that unleash the full potential of e-commerce, e-grocery, and retail. Retail Robotics products simultaneously increase the efficiency and convenience of delivery and collection both for retailers and consumers.

With 30 years of experience in mechanical production and having spent more than 10 years on research and development, Retail Robotics has developed an automated click&collect solution and shipment equipment that are currently at the forefront of market innovation.



Design and implementation of software for the control and management of click&collect Arctan devices based on Retail Robotics assumptions.


We started the project from the pre-development phase, during which we designed the solution’s architecture and business processes on the basis of the client's guidelines and according to the requirements of Retail Robotics’ first client. What’s more, together with our partners, we determined how the software would interconnect.

While developing the software, we had to pay particular attention to the physical aspect of the device and real-time processes, as well as to take care of the security layer and system integrity. Another challenge was to combine lower-level software with the business application that we were developing. For this purpose, we used proven backend technological development languages – Java and Python.

To finalize the development, we carried out lengthy functional and load tests on a physical device in the Retail Robotics factory. After the testing phase, Retail Robotics began the first pilot implementation of Arctan devices. Since then, the Future Mind team has continually provided system monitoring and technical support.



The software that we created for Retail Robotics consists of three applications:

A local backend application on the device that integrates with all peripheral devices installed in Arctan (refrigerators, freezers, scanners, interfaces), manages their operation and monitors the parameters of these devices to detect deviations in their operation. Thanks to this application, a single Arctan device connects to the central backend.

The local backend is also connected to the second application that we developed. It is an intuitive device interface that supports all usage scenarios, such as receiving orders by end customers and handling loading and unloading by couriers. The application was developed using the React.js library.

The third application is a central backend, which integrates the entire Arctan network of devices and connects them with the e-commerce and logistics systems of Retail Robotics’ clients. The application mediates between client systems and individual devices in the network by processing data from Arctan and managing order statuses – it notifies end customers and customer service. The application also monitors the condition of devices in the network in terms of their parameters and order accuracy.

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