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Mobile apps, Web apps, Product design, IoT

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This project required us to summon all of our skills. We did it from scratch – beginning with mock-ups, through graphics, mobile software development, web applications, to the IoT part.

fleet management
Android / Backend / iOS / Specification / UX & Design / Web

At the beginning we set the business goals. Then we have defined key values with the client, keeping the stakeholders perspective in mind. Thanks to the employment of various analytical methods (e.g. MoSCoW — Must vs. Should vs. Could vs. Won’t) we were able to prioritise software functions. After that we created wireframes and product development specification. Our programming team was responsible for server-side part, IoT part (tracking device) as well as frontend Web and Mobile apps.




The result of our work were two applications:

— B2B panel for fleet owners — Web app that allows them to control the positions and parameters of their vessels and check if on-board equipment works properly and recognises whether any boat requires inspection, additional service check or potential part replacement.

— Mobile app for boat & cruise monitoring — application allows boat location and route tracking, as well as enables users to access current parameters of their vessels. The mobile application will alert the boat user when events such as smoke, leakage, structural damage, low battery level and other, will be detected.

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