White-label m-commerce application for LPP, one of the most important fashion retailers in Poland.

PlatformLPP platform Android/iOS
ScopeLPP scope Product Design, Consulting, Mobile Development


LPP is the largest apparel retailer in Poland. The company operates a network of more than 2000 stores located in 26 countries all over Europe, Asia, and Africa and owns five major clothing brands: Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito, and Sinsay, which are available online on 31 markets. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the WIG20 index and belongs to the prestigious MSCI Poland index. LPP is well-known by European consumers and appreciated for its high-quality and widely available clothes and accessories.




As LPP’s and Silky Coders’ partner in this project, we had to do more than simply develop a mobile application. We needed to advise the Client on how to select the optimal strategy for launching an m-commerce solution as well as what features to introduce and what technologies to use to achieve our ambitious goal of creating a white-label app for multiple brands and markets.

Our first steps in this complex project were to explore the market and examine the competition. We tracked the existing solutions and composed a detailed analysis of existing m-commerce applications in Poland and Europe with a special focus on customer loyalty programs. We verified their legitimacy and assisted LPP in formulating a data-based strategy for developing and launching their mobile-first offering.

We also performed UX research in form of in-depth interviews with potential users to better understand their needs and preferences, resulting in the creation of:

  • Customer Journey Map visualising omnichannel fashion shopping experience with a focus on the mobile e-commerce channel.
  • Verified actionable personas.
  • Roadmap of prioritized functionalities ideated during strategic workshops and verified against user needs.

Product Design & Tech Analysis

At the beginning of the Product Design and Tech Analysis stage, we conducted a technical analysis and worked with the Client’s Silky Coders team to design a system architecture appropriate for mobile applications. Ultimately, Future Mind’s white-label solution now allows the Client to launch subsequent apps easily and quickly thanks to the flexible, modular, and scalable architecture that we created.

While we were working with Silky Coders on the technical elements of this phase, we created the UX and UI of the application. We designed the interface from scratch, but for consistent brand identity, we based our work on the existing website of Reserved – the first LPP brand to receive a dedicated application.

Mobile App Development

After preparing the architecture and interface designs, we made decisions on how to manage the project. We decided to work in two-week sprints, which allowed us to swiftly react to changes in LPP’s business strategy.

At the Client’s request, we based the m-commerce solution on Magento, as this e-commerce platform was already serving as the backbone of the Reserved website.

All throughout the development process, we worked with Silky Coders, LPP’s backend team to make sure that the new application would integrate seamlessly with the Client’s existing software. Our QA specialists conducted rigorous tests both during the development and after the application was ready. Before launch day, the app underwent closed tests with a user group that we defined together with the Client. This allowed us to receive feedback for the product and perform a final verification.



Over the course of this project, we helped our Client through all stages of their mobile transformation: strategy, market and UX research, product design, tech analysis, and mobile app development. The main results that we achieved are:

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of the mobile fashion landscape in Europe.
  • Creating customer journey maps, personas, and a roadmap of functionalities verified against customer needs.
  • Developing a modular, white-label mobile application for iOS and Android.
  • Supporting the Client in developing and implementing a data-driven m-commerce strategy centered around our software solution.

The Reserved application, which has already been launched, is the first product based on the mobile strategy that we created together with Silky Coders for LPP. It will now serve as the basis for further expansion both in terms of additional features and subsequent apps that we are in the process of developing for LPP’s remaining brands.

We are grateful to LPP and Silky Coders for the trust that they placed in Future Mind, and we are looking forward to continuing our business relationship and taking on more business and technological challenges to support LPP’s development.


LPP reached out to us for support in order to perform their mobile transformation in a way that would suit user needs and market conditions as well as take advantage of modern technology.

Our goal was to deliver digitization solutions for LPP together with Silky Coders, LPP’s coding branch, as well as to loyalize their customer base and allow the company to understand their customers better by connecting their offline stores with their e-commerce offering. We also wanted to provide strategic and technological support to the Client in transforming LPP brands into points of reference in the digital fashion world.

Together with Silky Coders we set out to provide the Client with a full-fledged m-commerce application that could serve customers across all brands and touchpoints and a roadmap of further development.

While we have already completed the first stage of this project – launching the Reserved app – we are already working on adding new features and creating apps for the remaining LPP brands.


Our main challenges in this project were:

  • to support the Client in defining a mobile strategy and app functionality for LPP brands according to customer preferences in the fashion sector;
  • to develop a modular, scalable mobile solution that would form the base of several branded applications aimed at markets that use various currencies, languages, payment methods, etc.;
  • work closely with Silky Coders to develop and plan out a roadmap of omnichannel features to be implemented and applications to be launched in the future.
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