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When designing a new product, the first stage is crucial. The project begins by establishing your challenges and goals and performing a stakeholder analysis, so we can identify any initial problems.

Once completed, we then initiate a Design Sprint or arrange a one-day workshop during the project kick-off. With both, we define the premises, goals, and create the initial hypotheses that we'll test during future stages.


We meticulously study your industry and its respective characteristics and challenges. Performing deep benchmark analysis and gathering expert knowledge, we then establish user personas that will illustrate your ideal customers. These personas are then used to create use cases — scenarios describing situations in which your product is used.

​​​​​​​Based on all of the collected knowledge, we present you with a feature list, in the form of a MoSCoW matrix, that allows us to prioritize functionalities and divide them into Must, Should, Could, and Won't categories ensuring an ideal starting point for the product roadmap.


Using all the data we have gathered during the analysis stage, we begin building the user interface. We start with designing the information architecture, a crucial element of developing an efficient user interface navigation. During this period, we also collect user scenarios and proper context information to make sure that users will be able to easily perform all in-app actions.

With all that, we create a prototype that is a collection of rapidly-developed, rudimentary graphical layouts, which, as closely as possible, resemble the final product ensuring user tests are more reliable. These user tests, and the subsequent feedback, is a vital, early-stage process that lends objectivity to the direction of a new product, helping save time and money before the first line of code is created.

Lift Off

Based on interactive mock-ups, we create product specifications, which outline functional and non-functional requirements, establish necessary working resources, fuel a development timetable, and give you an estimation on the budget needed for the project.

When designing new products, it’s extremely important to properly plan and coordinate the development lifecycle, which is why we prepare a thorough roadmap containing all milestones. This roadmap will allow all project members to be on the same page in terms of deadlines, priorities, and project scope. As part of this, we will also introduce you to and enter you into the agile development process, enabling you to properly plan your resource consumption, minimize risks, and limit costs.

Employing a pragmatic design approach

Goal orientation

Our approach is based on your specific needs and goals, rather than sticking to one particular methodology.


Based on those actual needs, we adjust our approach to design, putting forth an optimized plan and team for your project.

Optimized solutions

We develop an engaging user experience, via a cost-effective approach, delivering a high Return on Investment.

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