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You have a working product and want to take it to the next level by solving your users’ problems, adding new features, or refreshing its design.

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In the case of an already existing product, we begin with a UX Audit, which is an assessment designed to check how your app is performing in terms of usability and the user experience. This audit allows us to examine and rate the app, giving you insight into what may or may not require improvement.

We kick off the process with workshops that help us better define our role in the redesign process, giving us vital insight into your goals, whether that be bug fixing, improving graphic design, or adding new features that will better suit your users’ needs and solve business problems.


At this stage, we perform further UX auditing through the use of Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytics tools. We also conduct market research to better understand the specific characteristics of your industry and identify competitive solutions.

If your aim is to improve your business processes and better solve user problems, we conduct specialized workshops designed to help better understand what you are facing and offer solutions that are then prioritized using a MoSCoW matrix.


Based on data collected during the Analysis stage, we move to solving the highest-priority problems. If your goal is to fix bugs and improve graphics, we focus less on user tests. If, however, we design new functionalities or modify your product processes, we'll put more emphasis on testing.

Lift Off

Based on the clickable mock-up, we establish necessary working resources, a development timetable, and an estimation on the budget needed for the project. Also, if you require assistance creating a product development roadmap we’re ready to help!

Employing a pragmatic design approach

Goal orientation

Our approach is based on your specific needs and goals, rather than sticking to one particular methodology.


Based on those actual needs, we adjust our approach to design, putting forth an optimized plan and team for your project.

Optimized solutions

We develop an engaging user experience, via a cost-effective approach, delivering a high Return on Investment.

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