Future Mind's Summary of 2019

Tomasz Woźniak
Future Mind's Summary of 2019

Every February or so, we take a step back to reflect on what’s happened throughout the previous year. And, as usual, there are way too many things that deserve to be mentioned on this occasion. That’s precisely why we come up with a proper summary - to do them justice. 

2019 at Future Mind in essence

  • Yet again, our revenue has increased - this time by nearly 40% (to 10,1 mln PLN),

  • The same applies to our team - at the moment, almost 60 people work side by side at Future Mind,  

  • Our dynamic growth was noticed by both Forbes and Financial Times magazines - we made it to the list of Forbes Diamonds 2020 and FT 1000 ranking, along with the most prominent Polish & European companies (respectively), 

  • The frappka app developed for Żabka Polska won two prestigious prizes at Mobile Trends Awards: Main Prize & First Prize for corporate products. We’re now hoping to repeat the last year’s success - this time with żappka, which was recently nominated for MTA,

  • Speaking of żappka - it was downloaded over 2,5 million times in just a few months since its debut. In fact: last year, we created two most downloaded apps in our history,  

  • We've rebranded our website, and the project was hand-picked by the curatorial team of Behance and featured in the "Illustration" category,

  • In recognition of our efforts and expertise in mobile app development, we’ve been named by Clutch.co one of the top 1000 B2B vendors in the world,

  • And last, but definitely not least: We’ve accomplished one of the important long-term goals set by our founders - helping to create digital products that provide value to their users and are seen as benchmarks by many businesses out there, who ultimately turn to us for advice.

What has changed inside Future Mind since 2018? 

In the last summary, we mentioned the introduction of the brand new organisational structure with strong middle management. It was indeed one of the first actions we took in 2019 - and it didn’t only help to relieve the management board of some of the operational tasks, but also streamlined running individual departments and the entire organisation.

Apart from that, we also concentrated on improving our working environment. We started measuring employee satisfaction (by implementing Officevibe), drawing conclusions from these measurements and their results, and making improvements accordingly to strengthen the organisational culture.  

One thing that didn’t change much from 2018, though, is our focus on Product Design and Digital Transformation. We continue building relevant competencies, which helps us give better advice to our clients at the very first stages of digital product development. We also reinforced our Product Design by adding strong research and UX skills, which allows us to create solutions even more capable of meeting their users’ needs.

2019 was for us yet another phase of the consistently executed strategy that we outlined a few years back. Last year’s projects were not only mobile apps that have been downloaded by millions of users (which used to be one of the main goals for us back in the day). Instead, it’s safe to say that Future Mind reached a new level, and can now develop comprehensive digital products with the use of advanced technology.  Not to mention that at every stage of such complex projects, our clients have access to exceptionally talented and competent software engineers, designers, analysts, and testers. Apart from that: up till now, Poland was the main market for us - which is why the biggest challenge of 2020 will be to create digital solutions for international clients.



Tomasz Woźniak

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