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Future Mind is a full-stack mobile app development company specialised in creating custom mobile applications from concept to launch. Over the years, we have implemented more than 100 complex mobile projects built by a stellar in-house team of designers and developers who specialize in the leading mobile platforms. Thanks to the trust of our clients, we have been able to help them change the way people work, shop, use mobile internet and connected services.

Mobile Trends Awards

Mobile Trends Awards 2018

1st Prize for Enterprise
Mobile Solution

Mobile Trends Awards

Mobile Trends Awards 2018

Main Prize

Mobile Trends Awards

Mobile Trends Awards 2019

1st Prize for Commerce
/ M-Commerce Application

So what we can do for you

Mobile app
strategy and design

Thanks to 10 years of experience, we can guide you through the mobile: its specifics, possibilities, and business models. Our designers are specialised in designing both Android and iOS apps.

Enterprise mobile app

We build reliable mobile products that facilitate work and deliver a personalised experience to your clients wherever they need it.

Mobile app development
for startups

We’ll help you build an MVP fast, scale your business thanks to the state-of-the-art technology or extend functionality of your product by building mobile SDK.

Key steps in the successful
mobile app development process

Mobile App Strategy

Mobile users generate over 50% of online traffic. They use their mobile devices for 3,5 hour per day, and 90% of this time they spend using apps. Thanks to the massive adoption of mobile and its unique features, you can locate web users, merge what is online with what is offline, streamline internal corporate workflow, and add new services. Don’t forget about a well-thought-out strategy, otherwise the app won’t succeed.

That’s why we start by focusing on understanding your challenges and building efficient solutions. This is the phase where we analyze your industry and benchmarks. Then it’s time to get to know your users by determining their problems, challenges and preparing use cases - lists of actions or steps where your product can be used.

Our findings of the analysis are then presented during workshops. We use Design Thinking approach to come up with the best concepts for your products because it provides a reliable solution-based approach to solving problems. We go through an iterative process in which we seek answers to users’ needs, challenge assumptions, and redefine any issues that might appear.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mobile App Design

We proceed to design the user interface based on all the data we have gathered during the previous steps.

Designing the information architecture and collecting user scenarios are crucial to developing an efficient user interface navigation. This, in turn, serves as a foundation for a prototype - an interactive model that closely resembles the final product (in terms of design, layout and navigation), and shows how it will be developed.

Then it’s time to conduct user tests and gather relevant feedback. In fact, it’s a vital, early-stage process that lends objectivity to the direction of a new mobile app while helping to save time and money before the actual development begins.

Once the interactive mock-ups are ready, we create mobile app specifications (outlining functional and non-functional requirements), establish necessary working resources and a development timetable, and finally give you an estimation on the budget needed for the project.

Mobile App Development​​​​​​​

We understand that our clients do not buy code - they buy products and the code is just a way to get there. We know how to fill the gap between business and development by careful backlog planning, business analysis and agile management. Our code is based on modern architectures, built using best practices and design patterns and then carefully reviewed by our QA experts to achieve reliability and efficiency.

In the development process, our in-house team uses native technologies, which allows for exploiting the potential of both iOS and Android platforms. We work in an Agile approach which minimizes the risk, increases velocity, and gives you more control over the project.

Mobile App Launch &

In order to quickly introduce a new, functional mobile app on the market, we advise our clients to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By doing so, we can put it to the test and collect relevant data, which is valuable for further development.

We also help in the submission process in accordance with rules and guidelines of App Store Optimization in order to increase the number of downloads of your app.

After the launch, our team will assist with its further development. It’s crucial to maintain the reliability of the solution and the compatibility of your app with system updates, that’s why we offer our support and maintenance services.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Launch and scale

Why Future Mind is the best choice
to develop your mobile app?

Business​​​​​​​ capabilities

Thanks to our experience and continuous monitoring of the mobile market, we can help you to create a concept of your application that uses unique mobile characteristics, is adapted to how mobile users behave and that realizes your goals.

Mobile centred design

After creating dozens of mobile apps we’re fully aware of their specifics, and our design process is smooth and based on a detailed understanding of good practices. When designing a mobile app, we focus on the intuitive interface, overall engagement, and conversion.

Technology expertise

We utilize top-notch native mobile technologies, such as Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS. While creating complex mobile solutions, we integrate them with other systems using state-of-the-art backend technologies - Django and Node.js.

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