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Features of AdBlock app:

Block advertisement
AdBlock app provides ad-blocking on websites and inside apps within any Wi-Fi and GSM services. This product is available on devices with iOS 8 and higher installed.

Domain list personalisation
Simply add whatever you want to the blocked domains list. Changes are applied instantly — there’s no need to reload the app.

Sync your devices
AdBlock synchronises settings via iCloud, which makes them available on all your devices.

iOS / Specification / UX & Design

Automatic updates

The list of ad-servers is updated in the background — you don’t need to turn the app on to stay up to date.

Put an end to ads without having to monitor any apps!

AdBlocking couldn’t be more simple! It’s easy to install and configure. Unlike other apps it works in browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome) and apps (e.g. games) as well.

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