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For the Jawny Lobbing (Track the Lobby) website, our Client (Association 61) collected and organised all the available public information on people and interest groups that are trying to influence the legislative process in Poland. As a result, they now have a huge database with details on those who form public life in Poland.

The above-mentioned database served as a foundation for the whole website - but it’s not the only resource that Track the Lobby takes advantage of. It also uses the ePaństwo Foundation’s structures and tools that give access to the public data, including its Sejmometer. Some of the data collected by Track the Lobby is processed automatically, while some of it has to be added to the system manually. 


Since transparency is a powerful thing that creates trust in the authorities and the laws being adopted, the main goal behind the website was to enable everyone to check who influences the legislative process in Poland.

Specification / UX & Design / Web



Analysis phase

  • analysing the structure of the Association 61’s database,
  • preparing and discussing the preliminary database structure for the Track the Lobby in relation to the existing database, 
  • analysing Association’s partners' solutions regarding their data sources, storage methods and integration options,
  • preparing recommendations for the target database structure in the form of a description, diagram and database schema in PostgreSQL.

Product design workshops

  • establishing challenges and goals, and performing stakeholder analysis to identify any potential problems,
  • performing deep benchmark analysis and gathering expert knowledge,
  • analysing data possible to obtain in existing solutions,
  • defining user personas & use cases,
  • developing possible business concepts (Lean Canvas).

UX and UI Design

Based on the analysis phase, product design workshops, and CI provided by the Client - we created Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi mockups, which then allowed us to smoothly move to the development phase.




The website was written in React, which made it possible to develop a functioning product relatively fast. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Track the Lobby website is not complex enough: it presents verified and organised data in the form of interactive tables, infographics and charts. What’s more, users can see charts from the Client’s data, as well as edit and download their own visual summaries.

Chart generator and CMS panel

The charts allow the users to compile only selected data from the Track the Lobby database. However, every user can contact our Client and request preparing custom compilation as well. This is possible thanks to the Chart generator that we’ve created in Angular. It allows the Client’s team to create more complex charts (4 to 5 steps), as well as embed them on third parties websites. The user can choose from 4 different types of charts: pie, bar, column, and continuous ones. We also used Angular to create a CMS panel, which lets the Client fully manage the site and its content.

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