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Tradewize co-founders started the project because they are passionate about investing. They also think it doesn’t need to be such a mystery. So they wondered if they could bring people together to see for themselves what smart investors are doing.

To fulfil founders' vision we aimed to:

  • design a flexible and scalable architecture,
  • create a back-end that processes data gathered from financial markets,
  • build an intuitive application that presents complex data in a clear way.

Thanks to that, Tradewize co-founders were able to attract their first client, one of the leading Far East banks and together we have created the application tailored to the client's needs - KAFTradeclub.

Android / Backend / Specification


Back-end is the core of Tradewize software. We created the REST API, which is used by the mobile app. The API is responsible for providing data from brokerage systems, managing accounts, presenting the current feed, and returning aggregated data.

To build API, we used Django framework which is written in Python. We appreciate it for the built-in functionalities and the speed with which we can write in it. To fill in the application with data we needed to integrate the software with external data sources and calculate metrics.

We designed the architecture that gives us great flexibility. We can scale the system as needed and also make us independent from data sources.

Android App

The challenge for our Android team was to process large portions of data uploaded from the back-end. Based on this data we created the following functions:

  • rating system: measure the performance of everyone's current investments,
  • top investors trading in real-time,
  • Moodometer: designed to let you know how people feel about their investments,
  • notifications: alerting you when someone you follow is trading assets or if there is an unusual activity in an investment you own,
  • a timeline which enables you to discover things that matter to you: finding top investors, news about stocks, companies and whole sectors.
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