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One of the most challenging problems concerning the Packhelp project was to help their clients better gauge how their products will fit in appropriate boxes before making a purchase. Customers asked them about it a lot and the company used to send them box samples, which was completely inefficient. Packhelp decided to make use of Apple’s latest AR technology included in iOS 11 to solve this problem.



Our iOS team created the app using ARKit, a new framework that allows you to create augmented reality experiences for Apple mobile devices.

Packhelp is our first application developed exclusively for iOS 11, without any compatibility with past systems. We wanted to get rid of the old habits and embrace some of the new APIs such as Codable protocol, Safe area-aware layout, and, of course, ARKit. The last one made us go back to high school and refresh our maths skills a little. Eventually, we managed to pack (sic!) it all in a simple yet very useful app with many custom UI elements.

The app allows you to:

  • discover — browse all available box types and overall dimensions,
  • design — browse all your designs,
  • visualise — see your box design come to life using Augmented Reality,
  • gauge — use transparency mode to see which box will fit your items,
  • compare — compare the products in real life and choose the right one.


After three months of work we have created one of the first ARKit e-commerce software solutions on the market. You can simply place a box on your desk and view it from all angles. It saves you time and money. The app is also integrated with a web panel so you can log in to visualise your design from the web-app.

Download the app and check out how AR can improve our lives. We can't wait to see how other companies are going to apply it!

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